Hi, my daughter has been admitted to UVA and Johns Hopkins as a computer science major and is having trouble deciding between the two.
She is drawn to the academic opportunities at Hopkins but is afraid of the lack of a social scene and no school spirit. UVA still has great academics and a great social scene but doesn’t know if it’s worth giving up Hopkins.
We only live about 30 mins away from Hopkins and about 3 hours from UVA. Although she is oos for UVA it is the cheaper option and Hopkins is still affordable but more money.
Any opinions?


First, congratulations on having two such great choices.

I would consider the two to be equivalent for academics in CS, and personally I think that UVA is somewhat better for CS (though others may disagree).

How much cheaper? If UVA is any more than $10K a year cheaper (depending on your finances), I would recommend that she attend UVA. If less, she should pick the one which appeals to her the most.

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Thank you for your input! It’s a 7K per year difference, so it’s definitely still a hard decision. And we are still waiting to hear back from outside scholarships so it could be even cheaper for either one.

D21 and I are visiting JHU today. Daughter did extensive CS in HS but not a major for college so I can’t comment on that but am so surprised that relatively few students on campus. Never been to Baltimore so we are still trying to decide if she should pick JHU as the surrounding area looks a little scary to us. You must have good experience being so close to campus. Is it safe?

JHU is like an island, the school itself seems to pretty be safe. Every time we have visited we have seen extensive security surrounding the campus so it makes us feel good about it. The surrounding area can be a little sketchy but as long as she’s not out too late and is aware of her surroundings it should all be ok!

JHU hands down and it is not even close. UVa is a great school but not at the same tier as Johns Hopkins.

JHU is worth every dollar. Big step down do go to UVA.

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