UVA vs. U Chicago vs. Georgetown

<p>Hello, </p>

<p>So when I should have already finished making my final decision, I am instead struggling among three different colleges. I am planning to pursue international relations during both undergraduate and graduate years, and it seems like UVA, UChicago, and Georgetown all have great foreign affairs/international studies programs. The problem is - which one of them will offer me the best college experience and education? </p>

<p>Good thing about UVA is that it is cheaper (I live in Virginia) while being academically excellent and challenging at the same time. Meanwhile, Georgetown is highly well known for its international studies/foreign service programs and is very near my home. University of Chicago is also an outstanding school and has superb programs that do not only appeal to my interest in international studies but also in economics, biology, and political science. UChicago also has a higher ranking than Georgetown or UVA (according to US News). </p>

<p>Which would give me the best possible college education and experience? Thanks for your advice!</p>