UVA vs UMaryland-College Park

<p>What are the pro's and cons of each university?</p>

<p>Which one has the better social life, food, experience etc...</p>

<p>Which one has a better Economics or Political Science program?</p>

<p>Which one is the better school?</p>

<p>I can't answer social life, food, or experience but UVA is generally considered a much better school in just about every department.</p>

<p>^ b/c it's considered a "public ivy", right? [UVA]</p>

<p>UVA is considered a "public ivy" because it's a very good school. It's more selective than Maryland, and has a better reputation in most academic subjects. Maryland is very good, and has a well-respected honors college. A Maryland resident could very sensibly choose it over UVA, because it would be a lot cheaper.</p>

<p>I live in Maryland and perhaps I can help</p>

<p>Maryland has very strong programs in engineering, business and in educational counseling and criminology. I would think that these programs rival, if not exceed, anything that Virginia has to offer. However for anything else, Virginia would probably be better. However, I would also agree that for a Maryland student, attending Maryland at the in-state rates would probably be a lot smarter than going to UVA.</p>

<p><em>sighs</em> I wish I still lived in VA though so I could have the In state advantage.</p>

<p>^@taxguy: Wait, so if you live in MD you guys still don't count for being In state? That's so lame! here in MN you still can get in state prices at Wisconsin schools...even madison! and a couple other neighbouring states...</p>


<p>which campus is nicer? UVA's or UMD's? All I know is that UMD's campus is huge.</p>

<p>I feel like I'm leaning more towards UVA.</p>

<p>I'm attending Maryland in the fall, and I visited UVA last year while I was considering it as well. In my personal opinion, I preferred UMD's campus, but that's just a personal preference. I wouldn't necessarily call the campus "huge," but yes, it is large.</p>

<p>UVA, academically, is considered to be "better" across the board. UMD has fantastic engineering and business programs (among others) and from what I know a good Economics program. They don't offer political science as a major - instead, they offer Government and Politics (which is my major, actually).</p>

<p>I can only answer as to social life and food for UMD. Maryland's food is good (they have two dining halls and a food-court style eating area in the student union with restaurants like Chic-fil-a, McDonalds, and Panda Express). As for social life, the fraternities have parties and there's a big bar scene, plus D.C. is really close. Sports are big at UMD too, and the football and basketball games are insanely fun to go to.</p>

<p>UVA isn't really "close" to anything besides the small city of Charlottesville in which it resides. I have a few friends that go there and they've frequently complained about general snobbiness on campus (can't say anything about that because I've never been there for a long time). When I visited, I didn't really care for their facilities, though it wasn't bad or anything. I'd visit both campuses to really get a feel for them, and if you can stay overnight at both, that's awesome.</p>

<p>^ Also, if you haven't already, I'd post topics with this question on the individual UVA/UMD boards.</p>

<p>I don't know where anyone gets the idea that UVa has strong departments across the board. In reality it has a few departments that are highly ranked and many that are surprisingly average. Yes, UVa does attract better students on average but the profs overall are not up to the level of the students. There have been several threads on this so I won't repeat all the details here.</p>

<p>But barrons, who cares if the faculty isn't top notch? Don't you know, from posts from many here on CC, that it's the overall quality of the students that make a school great?</p>

<p>UVA is not that good for sciences when compared to other public universities...</p>

<p>or engineering..........</p>

<p>And for economics, UMCP is a better choice.</p>

<p>NRC Rankings in Political Science</p>

<p>1 Harvard 4.88
2 Cal Berkeley 4.66
3 Yale 4.60
4 Michigan 4.60
5 Stanford 4.50
6 Chicago 4.41
7 Princeton 4.39
8 UCLA 4.25
9 Cal San Diego 4.13
10 Wisconsin 4.09
11 Rochester 4.01
12 MIT 3.96
13 Minnesota 3.95
14 Duke 3.94
15 Cornell 3.85
16 Columbia 3.84
17 Ohio State 3.69
18 North Carolina 3.54
19 Texas 3.49
20 Indiana 3.45
21 Johns Hopkins 3.37
22 Northwestern 3.35
23 Washington 3.34
24 Washington (St. Louis) 3.29
25 Iowa 3.25
26 Virginia 3.24
27 Rutgers 3.24
28 Michigan State 3.24
29 Maryland 3.23
30 Illinois 3.20
31 Pittsburgh 3.15
32 Cal Irvine 3.14
33 Houston 2.96
34 SUNY Stony Brook 2.92
35 Arizona 2.89
36 Emory 2.88
37 Georgetown 2.85
38 Florida State 2.82
39 Colorado 2.78
40 Syracuse 2.77
41 Cal Santa Barbara 2.74
42 Penn 2.68
43 Arizona State 2.67
44 Notre Dame 2.66
45 Georgia 2.66
46 Cal Davis 2.61
47 George Washington 2.57
48 CUNY 2.57
49 Tufts 2.51
50 Hawaii Manoa 2.49
51 Wisconsin Milwaukee 2.48
52 Florida 2.48
53 Rice 2.43
54 Kentucky 2.42
55 Brandeis 2.41
56 NYU 2.40
57 South Carolina 2.39
58 Purdue 2.38
59 Massachusetts 2.37
60 American 2.37
61 Cal Riverside 2.36
62 Southern Cal 2.33
63 Nebraska 2.33
64 Kansas 2.33
65 Vanderbilt 2.32
66 SUNY Albany 2.32
67 Connecticut 2.31
68 SUNY Binghamton 2.27
69 Penn State 2.25
70 Denver 2.23
71 Oregon 2.21
72 SUNY Buffalo 2.06
73 Wayne State 2.04
74 LSU 2.02
75 Boston College 2.00
76 Oklahoma 1.94
77 Claremont 1.80
78 Missouri 1.79
79 Northern Illinois 1.77
80 Utah 1.74
81 Boston University 1.69
82 Cincinnati 1.65
83 North Texas 1.64
84 Howard 1.62
85 Temple 1.54
86 Tulane 1.49
87 New Orleans 1.45
88 Washington State 1.39
89 Tennessee 1.36
90 Texas Tech 1.20
91 Texas Dallas 1.18
92 Northern Arizona 1.17
93 Kent State 1.14
94 Fordham 1.12
95 Catholic University 0.95
96 Clark Atlanta 0.60
97 Idaho State 0.33</p>

<p>@taxguy,"Maryland has very strong programs in engineering, business and in educational counseling and criminology. I would think that these programs rival, if not exceed, anything that Virginia has to offer"</p>

<p>Hmm, there business programs are equal? are you serious?! get outta here with that</p>

<p>UVA>UMCP for business.</p>

<p>Why college biomed would list those completely bogus rankings I have no idea. First off they are evaluating the PhD programs, and there were many critical comments regarding the methodology even for that. Because once again, like all rankings, you really cannot measure this kind of thing, although at least with grad programs you can look at number of publications, how often they get cited, etc etc. To try that for undergrad is less than worthless. Ignore the list.</p>

<p>As far as UVA vs, UMCP, they are both very fine schools that have completely different feel about them. Visit both, stay overnight, go to some classes and see which you like better. Forget which is a "better" department. This is undergrad, where a lot of the material is the same.</p>

<p>UVa itself places considerable weight on those very same rankings in evaluating which areas/departments need improvement. They may not be perfect but much better than nothing. All colleges are just the sum of their individual departments when it comes to faculty and in the vast majority the same faculty teaches undergrad and grad students so it matters who they are and what reputation they have in their field.</p>

<p>Baloney. So LAC's cannot teach undergrad business well? The premise that being excellent in grad level work means excellence in undergrad is just hooey.</p>

<p>The premise that being excellent in grad level work and mediocre in undergrad is hooey as well.</p>