UVA vs. Virginia Tech for CS

Current hs senior here and I got into both Virginia Tech Engineering (+honors) as well as UVA (+Echols). I am fairly intersted in CS and have done some basic APCS classes, but not 100% set in stone since I don’t really have much experience. Cost difference isn’t much of an issue and I also don’t care too much about the whole frat/partying scene.

Here are my basic thoughts from what I’ve heard (I’d love to hear insight confirming/denying the subjective things)

UVA thoughts: Closer to home, more prestigious (if I switch out of cs), more friends going there, would likely get BACS and double major in econ or stats

VT thoughts: More respected engineering program, better food?, likely get BSCS

At the moment I am currently leaning towards UVA, but if there are significant differences between things like internship/job opportunities I would definitely be willing to switch. Also, if anyone has info about any more differences between the schools in general I would love to hear, thanks!

Food is underrated because many hate their food abd get low blood sugar and/or big restaurant bills. So I think it’s a legit discussion point.

Va Tech is rated near the top. But UVA is the better overall school by the #s. Plenty of Va tech grads will outperform UVA grads in life so ultimately pick where you’ll feel best.

At UVA you’ll need to transfer in. Reading in their page sounds like it’s doable…if you decide CS that is.

Good luck.

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I do not think they need to transfer at UVA if they want to do BA (CS) (as OP has mentioned), which is offered by the School of Arts and Sciences. If they want to do BS (CS), they will have to transfer to College of Engineering, which while doable can be difficult.

Gotcha. My bad. Thx for correcting.

UVA with Echols if it were me. More options in case you want to branch off from CS. UVA and Charlottesville offer a lot more than Blacksburg for non-academic life too. Odds are you will be fine either way, but UVA is an all around better school for sure.