UVA vs. W&M

<p>Is it harder to get into UVA or W&M??</p>

<p>I just got waitlisted to W&M, but my 1st choice is UVA. Do I still have a shot?
I'm instate (va) btw.</p>

<p>They're both similar in admission rate and the GPA/SAT distribution of their students; however, remember that UVA is larger and therefore admits more people. Therefore, you have a better shot at getting into UVA.</p>

<p>Could you post some of your stats?</p>

<p>GPA: 3.9/ 4 (I live in Fairfax County so it's very rare for people to get over a 4.0 because our grading system)
ACT: 30
SAT II: Bio: 710 MathII: 690 World HIstory: 660
Rank: top 10% (idk for sure though)</p>

Best Buddies, NHS, SHS, MHS, OCtagon, Ecology, Science Olympiad</p>

<p>Also, I'm from Nepal (if that makes a difference at all). </p>

<p>hmm..Idk what else to post. Hope that helps. Thank you so much from responding :)</p>

<p>I don't see why you would have a problem getting in based on those stats.</p>

<p>Haha I heard that W&M has the highest suicide rate!?</p>

<p>Thank you so much! I really hope so!</p>

<p>LOL @ powerbomb.
I found out that all of ppl with lower stats than me got in..and I got waitlisted :(
I'm a feelin a lil suicidal right now (kidding of course)!</p>

<p>I'm int he same boat as luckyducky111. I just got waitlisted at W&M but UV is my number one choice. Do you think i still have a shot?</p>

<p>4.05 GPA
10th in Class
30 on ACT/ 1310 SATs</p>

NHS exec. Council, class treasurer, girl scout vice president and recieved gold award, Mu Alpha Theta secretary...</p>

<p>As a response to your original question, U.Va</p>

<p>annoying because fairfax county doesn't rank...and 94-100=A...what school u go to?</p>

<p>Yea, Fairfax def. grades hard... and the schools always have like 10+ valedictorians. PLUS barely any snowdays.</p>

<p>Cox High School</p>