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Another week and no information. :(.

I just spoke with admissions. The person I spoke with said they are looking at the need of pulling students off of the waitlist. She said if they find there is a need it would happen sometime in the next 3 weeks! It didn’t sound promising to me.

lol @luvgoldens isn’t that what all admissions ppl are required to say? I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a wave for summer melt or something soon.

I hope there’s a blog post about what’s happening rn. They did already make a ton of offers in may tho

I understand they are working in uncharted territory right now, but a little transparency would have been appreciated. It’s hard seeing the information for the new applicants while we are silently being strung along. It’s almost been a full year since I have submitted my application and I just want closure at this point.

@UVAFAN1 I completely agree!

Do y’all think there’ll be more offers? I’d guess so, to account for summer melt, esp w all the weird current events this wk. No offers since the continued interest form time right?

@“Dean J” can you please consider updating us or posting another blog post?? Thanks! We’re all just super anxious and wanna know the status lol

I don’t think UVA is stringing you along. My daughter will be a freshman at UVA this fall and many action items have been delayed. Today students just received dorm assignments this evening and yesterday the Covid return to campus guidelines were released. Next week is the final week for course registration, each freshman has an assigned zoom meeting, seats are left open for each registration block. Current enrolled freshman have until Aug 1st to back out of their residential contract, this is much later than normal. UVA had to reserve dorm buildings for quarantine, so I think they need to see how many students will actually attend campus or take classes online from home. In any case, you may not hear anything until Aug 2 and they usually call you to let you know. I am sorry you are waiting so long but I hope this information will help ease some of your anxiousness.

@BluJay20 Thanks so much for sharing this information. I agree, unfortunately, that people are being strung along. I am disappointed that Dean J hasn’t reached out knowing that so many are still waiting. I have seen people pleading with Dean J for an update with no response. August 2nd is just too long to wait without any word at all. Good luck to all of those continuing to wait. I am embracing my new school and excited that they chose me in November…8 long months ago. Here’s to blossoming where you are planted!!

@luvgoldens – I totally agree. I spoke with a Dean at Admissions yesterday who said that if Admissions had their way, the waitlist would have closed weeks ago. He told me that the “higher-ups” have kept the list open because of the uncertainty of the international students being able to attend (he didn’t really mention students backing out of their housing contracts). He was clear that UVA just won’t have any new information between now and Aug 1st. He was also pretty clear that UVA Admissions doesn’t want to call anyone else, and that they hope to have already met their target number of incoming students. That was pretty discouraging. However – until the waitlist list is officially closed, it is still open. At this point, though, the wait seems cruel.

Being strung along is just cruel. I hope everyone is getting excited about their other schools!

Where did everyone end up committing to?

Committed to The Ohio State University (with National Buckeye Scholarship). Good luck everyone!

committed to virginia tech!!

Just received the email…waitlist is closed! Shouldn’t they have sent that out in May instead of the one asking for our continued interest!?? Very disappointed with how they’ve handled this!!

100 percent agree! I feel that they handled the whole process poorly. Everyone have a good time at their schools! Best to all!!

hey guys!
did anyone get out of the waitlist?

We have not. I have been looking here:

I am not sure if there is a dedicated UVA waitlist 2025 thread.

This is the 2020 thread!

I’ve mentioned on Instagram for the last two weeks that we probably won’t see much waiting list movement this year.

I feel your pain. My daughter’s rank was 3/280ish top 2%. All As except for 1 A- her sophomore year. U/W GPA 3.98 weighted 4.5+. 4 year varsity Athlete, 3 year show choir, Class officer…


Not being able to get in a state school with those metrics is unreal.

Until that is you look at their admissions database and see that 40% of all engineering students at UVA come from 2 counties (loudon and fairfax). They just don’t take many kids from smaller, not well funded school systems.