UVM honors college 2023

Hi everyone! For those who were accepted into UVM ‘23, have you heard if you got into the honors college yet?

Hi! I heard yesterday via a hard copy letter. Very excited to be selected and definitely puts UVM higher on my list!

Congratulations! Are you out of state?

My son heard this week by mail as well. We are out of state.

DD received hard copy invitation to Honors College 1/18/19. Out of state. It showed she was invited to the Honors College session on the Admitted Student day portal about three weeks or so after the acceptance letter to UVM. She applied EA. She did not receive an email or notification about the invitation change in her portal. She did receive the Presidential Scholarship for 20K a year. Undecided in the College of Arts and Sciences.

What are the typical SAT, ACT, GPA, class rank or other requirements for the Honors College at the University of Vermont ? Thanks !

UVM Honors College approximate requirements = 1470 SAT or 33 ACT plus top 10% of one’s high school class.

About 10% of each entering class join the UVM Honors College. (About 225 out of 2,250 per class.)

I got in to the honors college a few days ago, 1500 sat but I wasn’t top 10% of my class.

The standards shared by UVM for the Honors College are loose guidelines and based on the typical invitee.

@madib23 I am out of state. I had a 1470 sat and 3.85 gpa… right on the cusp of acceptance to the honors college but I think my counselor made a call and told them about my interest. Always great to have somebody in your corner!

Haha not sure how, but I only have a 32 act and 3.91 weighted GPA, not in the top 10%, and only 1 AP that I got a 3 in but I still got into the honors college! I didn’t have anyone or my guidance counselor call in or anything, so not exactly sure how it happened!

Son was accepted back with the EA pool. Excited about the acceptance and the Presidential award money. He was hoping for a Honors College invite, but nothing yet. Still holding out hope he will get an invite in the next wave of notifications. He has invites to other schools honors/fellows programs already. I think an honors college invite at UVM would help tip the scales, if they would just send him one. Fingers crossed.

Hi has anyone heard in a second waive about honors invites? Do we know if there is a second waive coming?

I haven’t heard of anyone hearing back for the second waive. I called the honors college about two weeks ago and they did say that they were reviewing all of the applicants again to send out a second waive, so there is still a chance

No word here. I believe they said early March for the 2nd round of invites. My son was EA, with large Presidential Scholarship (we are out of state). My understanding is that they are looking at 1450 for SAT (32 ACT), and top 10% of class – with high level classes. But it is also clear that balance (across programs/majors) and diversity matter ---- so making the grades/score are not the only factors.

No word here either. Still holding out hope for an Honors College invite here too. Also out of state and a nice Presidential Scholarship award. We see the Honors College as a way to get a smaller college feel in a larger university setting (plus, the dorms are a nice plus too). Still have our fingers crossed, as he is right in the neighborhood of the stats folks are posting out here for those already accepted.

My son just got notice of Honors College invite – on his admitted student page. He was an Early Action admission.

Midmichparentt, what were your son’s stats?

Hi… I’d rather not put up his specifics! I will say he’s right in the ‘range’ that has been talked about!

Son received his Honors College invite! We are all very excited and this has definitely elevated UVM on his list of options, as he moves toward his final decision. Still need to receive a few responses from his more reach schools, but I would say UVM will now be the option that the others are compared too. Best of luck to everyone still waiting!