UVM honors college chances?

I am a rising senior looking to apply EA to uvm this year
GPA: 3.85 (weighted; my school doesn’t do class ranks)
ACT/SAT: 28/1310
AP’s: (junior year) AP lang and comp (5), AP US history (4), AP psych (5), (senior year) AP European history, AP lit, AP US gov pol, AP world history
Other classes: (junior year) honors physics, honors Spanish 4, pre-calc, band
(senior) honors calc, band
Clubs : Harvard model congress (very selective club), Debate team (captain)
sports: varsity spring track and field since freshman year (now captain), winter track (captain), varsity girls soccer
50+ hrs community service each year
looking to major in political science/international affairs
Any ideas of my chance of getting into hcol at uvm?

I think freshman admission to the HC is major specific. The top applicants for each major are offered a spot.
After freshman year you can apply for the HC. Admission is based on grades as well as faculty recommendations.
Best of luck!

any idea how competitive poli sci is?

UVM’s HC is highly competitive and only invites the top 5-7% of students admitted to UVM. The general criteria tends to be very specific and based on your academic accomplishments. It’s my understanding that in order to be invited this year, students needed around a 3.9 on a 4.0 GPA and SATs at a 1450 at minimum. This is what their website says:
“The Honors College seeks to bring in students who have a demonstrated record of being highly motivated and high achieving in their work both inside and outside the classroom. Invitation to the Honors College is based on high school academic performance and seeks to create a diverse learning community. The college selects students from a variety of academic areas, from the humanities and sciences to environmental studies and education, from nursing and social work to business, in order to enhance this intentionally diverse community of scholars.”
And hey, if they don’t invite you for the first year, you can apply to join the HC for your sophomore year. Wishing you well!

I applied EA, 30 ACT, 4.1 weighted, bio major
Accepted but not honors college
Trustees scholarship

I have 2 children at UVM right now. One is in the HCol. Among the students in the HCol they have figured out that +4.0 is a requisite and the ACT score (and the SAT equivalent of that) is a 32 or above. They haven’t found a classmate in the HCol with less than that for what it’s worth. That said my other daughter didn’t qualify for HCol in her first years but earned great grades her freshman year. She was offered a spot in HCOL her soph year (and she declined the offer) because she didn’t want to the extra work and do a thesis at the end. Hope that helps.

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@Springsteen7 - how is the social scene in the honors college? Getting into the honors program is a big draw for my daughter, but she also wants to make sure she isn’t surrounded by people who are no fun. She got a great offer from another school (Loyola Chicago) where the honors dorm is notoriously dumpy and anti-social, so she won’t do that program if she goes there. Obviously she will be there to learn, but I think it’s really important to think about the social aspects, especially coming from so far away.

Looking for information about honors college as well. Got in to HC with a 34 superscore (33) and about 4.0 out of 4.5 unweighted.

D also accepted and I’m interested in input on social scene, too. She is a very engaged student, but also likes to have fun.