UVM Learning Communities?

I’ve been looking into the different learning communities at UVM. I’m thinking about applying to the LASP program (probably the earth/environment one) because of the small seminar classes that are harder to come by as a freshman at the school. I also like the sustainability and outside experience communities.
Has anyone had any experience with these communities? I haven’t been able to find much about LASP in particular.

@Raybutters - honestly all of the LCs at UVM are great opportunities for students. I attended UVM and my favorite part was the residential aspect of being a student at UVM. The residence halls are actually all pretty nice (as long as you aren’t expecting a 5 star hotel style room and have reasonable expectations). I just quickly went to the UVM site and typed in LASP and was given a whole page of information- https://www.uvm.edu/cas/deans_signature_full_year_integrated_tap_programs It sounds like a pretty good program but all the other LCs sound just as interesting if you are into exploring them.

I hear your concern over small class sizes. UVM gets a rap for “not having small class sizes” but that just isn’t true! There are large courses yes, but on average 80% of classes have 40 students in them or less! That’s a great size for a high school class, yet along an entire university. With a school that has just over 10,500 undergrads, you can’t ask for much better.

I am also interested in hearing current students’ personal experiences with the LASP. My D was invited to apply, but now I am hearing there are other learning communities, too.

My son has been in sustainability for the past 2 years (Harris freshman year and UHN this year). It’s been a great experience for him. Class size will depend on your major especially early on. Intro classes can be large but large is still “UVM” large which is smaller than many state universities.

He currently has 1 class that is around 150, 1 at 100, one atround 30 and 2 that are under 20 students. Both years he has developed relationships with professors directly in some of the smaller classes.

I posted the following in the “UVM - Tell Me More” thread:
I have a current freshman who is having an extremely positive experience in LASP.
I describe it as a small LAC within a large university — best of both worlds.
Housing is major advantage — all suite style (2 doubles, 2 singles and 2 baths) In an older building in good location. However we were surprised when some of them turned out to be coed suites!
Happy to share more if you want to DM me.