UVM party scene?

I go city school and don’t like the overall life at school. It doesn’t feel like a campus and the night life is mainly clubbing. I want that more traditional feel with good energy and stuff to do. I am is considering going to UVM next year. Is there a fun social scene with frequent parties? Are the people fun overall? At my school it’s pretty boring and not a very friendly environment. I like UVM for the academics and campus but nervous about social life.

I would not really consider UVM a party school. For one thing there is no football. It has a rep for smoking a lot of pot but that’s prob overhyped and isn’t really a party thing anyway. This is only based on research and an open house visit with my daughter but I would say people at UVM are fun and friendly and do a lot of different things, mainly outdoors. Every school parties but I wouldn’t transfer there for that. You might want a school with a football team and a bigger sports vibe. Why UVM?