UVM - tell me more

Hello! DC just received a letter inviting application to one of the 5 LASP programs. Would love to hear positive and negative impressions of these programs. Are they Honors College lite?

My kid got a letter yesterday too. Looks really interesting!

I have a current freshman who is having an extremely positive experience in LASP.
I describe it as a small LAC within a large university — best of both worlds.
Housing is major advantage — all suite style (2 doubles, 2 singles and 2 baths) In an older building in good location. However we were surprised when some of them turned out to be coed suites!
Happy to share more if you want to DM me.

@DCmamma That’s awesome. If you student is interested in the program, definitely have them apply. UVM res life is really active and provides a lot of opportunities for students. Programs like LASP really help students connect with others and form a community. I took a quick read about the program and think it sounds great! https://www.uvm.edu/cas/deans_signature_full_year_integrated_tap_programs

I recently talked to one of my friends at UVM and he said that the “pot culture” at UVM is fairly large. Is there any truth to this? And if so, is it overwhelming?

@gnarlyriver34- I went to UVM and found that not to be completely true. By that I mean, that yes, there is pot, but there is a variety of feelings about it! Not everyone is into pot and you will not find groups of students walking around campus smoking or anything like that. Some students were into it, others weren’t- and that was completely okay! No one pressures anyone to smoke pot- it is honestly a personal preference. And, just like at every other University, recreational pot is available around UVM and the area; it simply comes down to, do you want to smoke or not? If you don’t want to, you do not have to use pot, and no one will make you. As long as you make the right decision for you, there is no need to be concerned! UVM is a great school with a lot of diverse students and lots of hobbies and things to do. UVM was an awesome experience!