UVM Tuition /Contact Form Broken

tried to send via contact form - not working. College Confidential’s tuition/housing panel is grossly out of date - Your site lists total, all costs for out of state as $50K… Well it is $60K. Not a mistake parents and students can afford to just brush off when considering acceptances, UGH. It is clearly not a clerical error. So disappointing.

Your Site:

UVM’s site:

@Kapzow I have no idea on CC who manages that panel (actually didn’t even know it existed) but suspect whomever does, will not see that post here. Sorry the contact form isn’t working but this appears to be some service CC subscribes to that yes, is out of date. I’d imagine UVM isn’t the only one that is significantly wrong. As are many many college data services that are out there, it’s pretty much a constant moving target for any school and going to the school’s own website is always the best source of up to date info.