UW Bothel, UW Seatle, UW Tacoma HELP PLEASE!!

<p>Hello, I'm a senior who is willing to apply UW for regular admission.
HOWEVER, when I look at the admission page for UW it asks me to pick a campus and I have no idea which one is good or would best fit me.</p>

<p>So if anyone could help me out by giving me details of the different campus' and which you would prefer or recommend I would be tremendously grateful!</p>


<p>UW Seattle is the real UW. It is a great school while the other two don't even compare.</p>

<p>I wouldn't say they don't compare, they are offshoots of the Seattle campus. Satelite places to provide more educational opportunities to more people. If
your looking to enroll, focus on the Seattle campus.</p>

<p>thnx a lot guys that was loads of help</p>

<p>SeahawkCity, that is the second incomprehensible comment I have seen from you. Couldn't you be a bit more helpful to the original poster? As Opie indicated, Bothell and the other campuses are simply "off-shoots," or extensions, for lack of a better word. Seattle is the central campus.</p>

<p>To add a little more hard information to this discussion, UW Bothell and UW Tacoma are both considerably smaller than the main UW in Seattle. They only offer limited majors, and only started taking freshmen this year for Bothell and maybe last year for Tacoma. </p>

<p>I just visited the Bothell campus for the first time yesterday, and it's a beautiful little gem, gorgeous architecture and landscaping, but very, very small! It shares the campus with Cascadia Community College, which offers a two year associates degree, and can serve as a stepping stone to UW. Bothell has no dorms, only one food outlet I noticed (a Subway), and no apartments available within a convenient walk. It's really designed to be a commuter campus in a suburban setting. There is good bus transportation,and parking is pretty cheap, $2. for the whole day, compared to $11. for Seattle. </p>

<p>I know a student who did her first two years at UW Seattle, and completed her business degree in Bothell. She loved it, it was convenient to her parent's house in the suburbs, and she felt she got an excellent education, small class sizes, great teachers, no trouble getting into the classes she wanted.</p>

<p>UW Tacoma is in an upwardly mobile section of downtown Tacoma, which means that there are some scary places nearby, but the trend is definately towards gentrification. It's got a great downtown vibe, lots of interesting restaurants and shops nearby and cool views of a working waterfront. Nearby are the Washington State History Museum, the Museum of Glass, and the Tacoma Art Museum. I'm not sure if they have actual dorms at this point, but expect that nearby apartments aren't too hard to find.</p>

<p>Both these satellite campuses have access to the full resources of the main campus library, so books can be sent to you if they are not on the shelf. The libraries focus on stocking what the professors want the students to have available for their particular courses, so they acquire lots of new material, and do not get , oh, antique copies of English literature, such as first editions of John Donne, or whatever.</p>

<p>In summary, if the major you want is offered at Tacoma or Bothell, it is well worth considering seriously. They both offer quite different experiences and campus feel. The Seattle campus drips with about as much history as we have out here in the Northwest, is huge, and is a great research university, set in the middle of a lovely and vibrant city.</p>

<p>Additionally, if the OP is a Turkish national, you'd be much more likely to find other folks from Turkey at the Seattle campus, which draws a lot of international students. Bothell and Tacoma would have a much smaller number of internationals, and fewer resources available to help you adjust to life in the US.</p>