UW chances?

<p>I don't think I'm doing too well, but I want to know how good of a chance I have to get in to UW.</p>

<p>In-state, Asian American
GPA: 3.67 (dropped from an AP class)
SAT1: 1170 (I think I missed the retake deadline, and I've only taken it once :( )</p>

<p>Do they even look at outside curricular things
Track/Field, Martial Arts
Piano (around 10 yrs+)/state honors recital
Select choir group/sung at carnegie hall
National honor society
National honor roll
Who's who among high school Americans
not sure how many service hours...
other random ish</p>

<p>i think you have a great shot.</p>

<p>do you guys know how they sort/decide the applicants, and what they are expecting for scores? :S</p>

<p>the UW uses index numbers for their admissions process. very rarely do they look at ECs and essays, unless you are on the edge and it is a deciding factor. the index numbers are calculated using 75% GPA and 25% SAT/ACT score. Yours would most likely be in the low-middle automatic acceptance range. Try to maybe register late for the december SAT to improve your score, since your gpa is a little low and they don't weight. Don't worry, i'm sure you'll have little trouble getting in.</p>

<p>I didn't know the registration day was that early, I missed the late registration by 2 days -___- Thanks tho</p>

<p>actually, i'm pretty sure the UW stopped using the academic index system this year</p>

<p>Errr... what does that mean??

<p>uw is definitely still using academic index #s, according to their admissions counselor</p>

<p>AI are used for ALL public universities in Washington. Whether they are the sole factor is another thing. On your stats, I'd say 50/50 based on "automatic acceptance (which they claim to not be doing anymore, but others say they still do and won't admit)" and better chance after more review of your EC and essay.</p>