UW Class of 2023 Waitlist

Same, mine says change in decision

Same for me. The only change I can tell is that it no longer says my original decision that I can go on the waitlist and now says I am awaiting a decision again.

has your financial aid updated? mine says i haven’t been awarded anything

Nope nothing :confused: Maybe they were just updating everyone on the waitlist and trying to give us all heart attacks :confused:

is everyone able to sign up to pay the deposit? so that’s just something anybody can do regardless of admission?

Yeah I think everyone can do that

Also someone posted that before decisions were put out and I could still pay

does it say you guys are eligible to register for the fall quarter?

" The Intended Major service is intended for current University of Washington students. According to our records, you are not a UW student. (There is no Student Number associated with your UW NetID.)" that’s what comes up so I don’t think I got in

How’d you get to that message?

I clicked on registration then tried to change my major

I have an unofficial transcript that was made today apparently, check that

Go to academics on the left and then click unofficial transcript on the right

yeah i have one too

me too

My daughter was able to get to the “next steps once accepted” page and got the same message about being accepted as a freshman to the autumn 2019 semester. I also can log into unofficial transcript and it shows a transcript with a student number. Also received the email. Crossing fingers it is real

JUST GOT ACCEPTED TO UW AS OF 8:39, good luck guys

Ahh, me too!


Initially rejected, submitted an appeal, got waitlisted, was just accepted 20 minutes ago and deposited!