UW Class of 2025 — Regular Decision

Jut starting a thread for the class of 2025. Post stats and acceptance, going to be a long wait :slight_smile:


As a notice to those that haven’t heard or read the news, admissions is TEST BLIND this year and they will NOT be looking at submitted test scores (and they never look at AP test scores, only the class grade.) After decisions are made, they will then reevaluate the waitlisted applicants who submitted top scores to see if it could move them to accept pile.

My daughter is submitting her application today and these next 4 months will be torturous as, right now, it is her top choice. She’s already received acceptances to her #2 & 3 and will hear from the others by Jan, so she isn’t used to having to wait long to hear.

We are out of state (California) and UW was one of my son’s top choices going into all of this but it doesn’t look like UW offers much merit aid to OOS. Getting accepted will be one thing, paying for it another.

GPA UW 3.69, W 4.49,
SAT 1430
EC , lots of volunteer hours, and employment with leadership experience, 4 years cross country, 3 years lacrosse, 1 year track,
AP scholar
Class rank: 37 of 550
Major Biochemistry

Yes agreed! Mine as well has 2 acceptances (safety schools) , and Udub is in her top 4.

English major
3.81 UW
3.89 W
lots of ECs and leadership
*reach school without looking at her ACT scores which are high

Good luck! Ugh the wait…

Where did you see that UW was going test blind? I just see their test optional announcement on their website.

Washington is my son’s top choice for International Studies/Spanish double major. He is OOS with a 3.75 UW and 4.27 W GPA. He took almost all honors and AP classes throughout HS. He is not submitting scores, but has sports, clubs, leadership and volunteer roles. I don’t have a clear sense of his chances are to getting in. Looking at the middle 50 for out of state, it looks like he is borderline.

Curious about the stats for those admitted and waitlisted for the 2024 class who are not CS or engineering.

Per UW they are not test blind. Test optional.

Doesn’t anybody know how/if they recalculate GPA? Is it a straight unweighted GPA that they report for admissions statistics?

@Pippa0514 @nucities The Director of Admissions explained their new policy in a zoom presentation earlier this fall. And although they do not explicitly call it test blind, it essentially is for all acceptances and rejections.

Here it is from UW’s website from the test optional FAQ…

"…In fact, when reading your application, the reviewers will not see your test scores, if provided. However, test scores that fall above our middle 50% (see the freshman profile for more information) may be considered for a handful of students prior to waitlist invitations being sent. For the vast majority of applicants, test scores will not be a factor in any way.

…We recognize that some applicants would like their scores to be considered during the holistic review process. However, since access to exams was limited due to COVID-19, and in the interest of fairness to all applicants, we will not be using test scores at all during the holistic review."


Does anyone know if UW uses an unweighted or weighted GPA in the freshman statistics they report?

About the test optional, it is tricky. UGA said they are test optional too. But among the EA admitted students, only 30% of them are those who didn’t submit SAT/ACT. Some students with NO-test scores and higher GPAs were deferred. Lots of them who submitted test scores and even lower GPAs were in.

S applied OOS
Physics, but I don’t remember if UW had more specific types of physics he could choose
35 ACT
3.97 uw/4.39 w
Top 5% in class
Ok ECs
Good essay

Wish they made decisions earlier.

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Has anyone received email about portal log in information?

They use unweighted. Here in WA the high schools only do unweighted GPA by state law so all in-state applicants from public high schools only have unweighted GPAs.

Thanks, that’s been a big of a mystery for me. Much appreciated.

Still waiting

I was wondering about that too. My daughter’s coalition app profile shows her UW app was submitted back in October. But I don’t think she has gotten anything from the school yet acknowledging it.

I think I received my portal within a week after submitting the application

If you never received email, go to this link


and see if you can create your id and see your app status.

Does anyone know how to add an SAT/ACT score to an application that has already been submitted? Thanks!

I think you just send it via the College Board web site and the UW will automatically correlate it to your application file using social security number or cross referencing indexing system that they use. I don’t think you need to go back through the coalition app at all.

People commonly continue to take these exams after the admissions deadline. So this is routine.

Chalk this up to not knowing quite enough before applying. My S21 had UW probably in his top three as he developed his college lists last summer. We in fact used the Coalition Application mainly for UW. Although it’s fallen a few notches he’s still very interested but it looks like merit scholarship money for out of state students is very limited. Does anyone know what kind of awards are given for the Purple & Gold scholarship? It’s tough to find current information online. From what I can tell very few students receive that award and those who do get 8k/year tops.

Anyone have any experience with these?