UW CS Direct Admit Chances?

FYI I am in-state, female, and asian.

  • 4.0 UW and a 1550 SAT
  • Full IB and 10 AP's (it might be to my disadvantage that I got 4's in CalcAB and Phys1)
  • No major math/science awards except state awards for a health-sciences competition
  • Did an applied math internship this summer that involved using python
  • Work as a math tutor
  • Starting a CS internship in the fall
  • Ran XC
  • Started a nonprofit for youth athletes, and we are currently holding a gear drive.
  • Probably will also write about speedcubing in some of my essays. I started my common app in June and feel pretty good about it now.

Do I have a fair chance at UW CS DA?


UW really cares about essays - particularly for DA. Numbers lead the way, but you have those (typically a 30+ ACT and a 3.85+ unweighted GPA will be above average for the UW, and for CS DA, a 3.95+ and 34 ACT or 1530 SAT). It all comes down to your essay, and IS is a huge advantage for DA at the UW. Good luck!

EDIT: 4s on those exams are not bad - and are completely fine for the UW, seeing as though they receive course credit at the UW!

UW Admissions does not look at AP scores. I don’t know about the CS school when deciding the direct admits, but you are not required to submit AP scores for admission. More important is the grade you received in the course.