Uw cs transfer chances? failed a course:)

HI there! I was wondering what my chances are in getting into UW Paul G Allen school of computer science as a transfer student. here are my prereq grades.
CSE 142 - 4.0
CSE 143 - 4.0
Eng comp - 3.9
Physics 121 - 4.0
K, now here is where it goes downhill…
Math 124 - 0.0
math 124 round 2 :’) - 4.0
math 125 - 4.0
math 126 - 3.9

To reiterate, should I even apply? I don’t want to waste time and money applying if my chances are close to none. I know I literally failed calculus but I still kind of have hope. Anyone have something similar? Thank you.

You will get into 0% of the schools you don’t bother to apply to.
So much depends on your individual circumstances, such as:

  • in state out of state?
  • where are you transferring from? (i.e. an in-state community college where UW is required to accept a certain number from your school?)
  • any hooks (in-state but east of the mountains or at least not greater Seattle area, first-generation to go to college, minority, female, something amazing on your resume, etc)?
  • can you tell a good story about your struggles in math 124? the fact that you did well in 124 shows that whatever it was, you overcame it, right? (DO NOT make your entire essay about the failed class, but do touch on it while keeping the overall application focused on the positive)
  • can you tell a good story about why you need UW-Seattle in particular and not another state campus?

If you don’t give it your best shot, will you always wonder if you could’ve gotten in?

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Talk about why you got a 0.0 in your essay. Self yourself as overcoming this and becoming a stronger student because of it. The admissions dept has no problem overlooking at single bad grade if it is something you’ve shown you can move beyond.

With a solid essay, that demonstrates you can sell yourself as a capable student with good reasoning and examples, you could have a very good chance at admissions I would say.