UW Foster vs UM College of Letters, Sciences, Arts

Hi all, I’m a high school senior and got into both schools but I cannot decide. Money is not a worry for me.

I was doing a lot of research on UMich LSA and it seems like it is hard to get a job after graduation since most of the companies want to recruit from Ross or CoE. I really want to apply to Ross but I don’t know if I will get in, and I don’t know if I should risk it by choosing UM just for Ross. (I know i should not, but do people general get good jobs from LSA?).

For UW, I really like seattle, and I have gotten into the Business school and honors program. I don’t know if Foster will get me into better jobs than a major in LSA, say economics, or UMich will get me into a better career path in general than UW.
I feel like it would be UW because seattle has so much to offer and I want to live in a big city, and it seems like Ann Arbor limits the job opportunities. Though i know that UM is a much better school and theoretically should give you better jobs but I think its only for people in Ross and CoE?

So in general, which one should I choose. (: thanks guys.