UW Honors v. Whitman College

<p>I have been accepted to UW Honors program and
Whitman college. I want to hear your opinion!
Which college would be better in business major? Or engineering?

<p>I would say Udub because I know it has a highly ranked business program. I'm pretty sure its strong in engineering as well.
I don't know enough about Whitman college, to comment on it.</p>

<p>I've heard from a professor that he has really been impressed with the UW Honors program--and engineering at UW has a lot of depth, business too.</p>

<p>both are excellent schools, especially uw honors.
the business and engineering programs at UW are both strong and respected programs. I don't know much about Whitman, but I would take a few things into strong consideration
-location (Seattle v. Wallawalla, two VERY different places)
-cost (private v. public school cost)
-class size (although UW honors classes aren't nearly as large as the regular ones)
-program (again, uw has strong business and engineering programs. look into whitman too)
-grad school (yup, it's far down the road.. but where do you see yourself in 4 years?)</p>

<p>think about the people, the place, the cost, the school &visit both schools</p>

<p>congratulations on both your acceptances, and while I know my post didn't really answer your question :P, I hope it helped!</p>

<p>Good luck</p>

<p>Engineering and computer science programs at Whitman are really good.</p>

<p>You could do the 3/2 engineering program at Whitman/UW and have the best of both worlds. As a true liberal arts school tho, Whitman doesn't have a major called "business" but many students go on to get MBA's.</p>

<p>Whitman is a fantastic school, but it is a small liberal arts college with a limited selection of majors. There is not a business major offered, and the engineering programs require you to transfer after your third year. For your goals, UW sounds like a better choice.</p>