UW Madison Deferred ‘23

Little late, but I was recently deferred from UW Madison. My UW GPA is a 3.73 and my ACT is a 21. During my sophomore year I got a really bad concussion and was out of school for months. For the ACT, I have encountered a tutor and completed many of the ACT books. I took the test 4 times and still maintained a score of a 21. I am heavily involved in extracurriculars. I was on the varsity soccer team all four years and was awarded honorable mention, third team all conference, and captain. I am also a co-president of a selective club and I am involved in Spanish Club. I have about 150 service hours. My letter of recommendations are written by alumna from UW Madison. Is there any advice or the chances of me getting admitted? It’s my number one school. I submitted my mid year grades, another letter of recommendation, and a letter about why I would love to contribute to the Wisconsin idea. Thanks!

All you can do now is wait to see what happens. Enjoy the rest of your senior year and have other colleges available.