UW Madison Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

On the Self Reported Grades section in the application portal, it is asking for mid-year and final grades. It is not clear if this is just for Senior year grades or all of high school! I think it is only Senior year because it does not provide a year option. Anyone else have insight on this before I press SUBMIT?

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I believe it is senior year. Mid term transcript would be first semester of senior year


Did she apply EA??

Can you only select main campus (Madison) as the option if you apply? Are they still accepting students in their main campus?

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Anyone who applied Regular Decision get a decision yet?

No, not yet.

OK. Does everyone find out on the same day?

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That is my understanding.

Anyone applied RD still waiting for decision? Haven’t heard anything yet ( Applied CS, OSS)

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My son applied RD OOS Economics

Yes, still waiting.

Do we have an estimate of when RD decisions will be out?

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“On or before March 31”

Have we heard anything about whether the deferred EA decisions are expected to be released before the RD ones? Michigan, for example, seems to be releasing the deferrals first


Curious as well.

My D22 was admitted EA but she will be withdrawing her app over the next few days to make room for another student. Good luck everyone!


Do not be deterred if you get deferred for EA or waitlisted from regular decision. My experience with UW Madison acceptance was very strange. I was expecting to get in EA easily and got deferred. I then expected to get in regular decision and I got waitlisted. Although I eventually was accepted, I got into several more difficult schools before I was finally accepted which I always found strange. Some aspects of college admissions can seem random and or that they don’t make sense. If you are get a decision that you are unhappy with and were not expecting, I would advise you not to worry, as you may have unexpected luck at other schools or eventually get in.


Does anyone think that Madison will release decisions soon? Or are they seriously going to wait until March 31st? I tried looking back through years and couldn’t tell. TIA


Any EA deferrals hear back yet? Do we think they are just placed in the same pool as RD? Or will decisions come out for deferrals earlier? Thanks.

EA deferral still waiting. It sounded like being evaluated along with RD pool. Assuming this means end of March for any news.

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