UW Madison Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Continuing the discussion from UW Madison Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission:

Has anyone heard any updates on Admission for Fall 22?


Not yet

Yes, my son just got his acceptance via the portal today!

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Would you mind sharing his major and where you are from?

He is computer science. From CT.

Congratulations to your son! Very exciting!

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Did he just randomly check? I haven’t heard of anyone hearing yet

He got an email. Title was “UW-Madison Application Decision Available Online” and he went to the portal and it was in the notification center.

Congratulations!! Was he a recruited athlete?

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Congratulations :star_struck:

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Has anyone heard any notifications on Admission for Fall 22?

no. wondering if we will hear this week?

They said Jan 31

Thats what I heard. Why are some people saying the 15th anyone know?

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Because “I’ve heard”, “people say”, “my friends tell me”, etc., are rampant and self-multiplying on the internet.

If someone provides one of those as a source, you should discount it.

Many people “heard” and “were told” that Michigan would come out before the end of December.

not yet