UW Madison Fall 2022 Admissions - Class of 2026

Continuing the discussion from UW Madison Early Action for Fall 2022 Admission:

Has anyone heard any updates on Admission for Fall 22?


Not yet

Yes, my son just got his acceptance via the portal today!


Would you mind sharing his major and where you are from?

He is computer science. From CT.

Congratulations to your son! Very exciting!

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Did he just randomly check? I haven’t heard of anyone hearing yet

He got an email. Title was “UW-Madison Application Decision Available Online” and he went to the portal and it was in the notification center.

Congratulations!! Was he a recruited athlete?

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Congratulations :star_struck:

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Has anyone heard any notifications on Admission for Fall 22?

no. wondering if we will hear this week?

They said Jan 31

Thats what I heard. Why are some people saying the 15th anyone know?

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Because “I’ve heard”, “people say”, “my friends tell me”, etc., are rampant and self-multiplying on the internet.

If someone provides one of those as a source, you should discount it.

Many people “heard” and “were told” that Michigan would come out before the end of December.

not yet

my son got his acceptance today on the portal. Applied to CS (OOS, CA).


daughter got in! notified in her portal - not via email


Sorry - meant to respond to the EA thread. Apologies!