UW-Madison or UMN Twin Cities

I have been accepted by both of these colleges and am super excited to pursue a civil engineering degree at one of them, however I am realizing the decision may be harder than expected.
Costs are going to end up negligibly different.
I think I would enjoy the culture at UW more than UMN as there is much more school spirit and it seems like a more social environment and there is more diversity(atleast in where people are from) which I would enjoy.
Academics seem fairly similar with UMN having an apparent edge in civil engineering (US news). I also would enjoy the big city and more outdoors activities nearby at Minnesota. I am also wondering if internships will be more accessible at UMN because its in such a big city.
I suppose it would be difficult for anyone but me to make a decision but if you have any insight on what’s most likely to matter the most for my short and long-term happiness and career success I’d love some feedback.

Wisconsin has GPA progression requirements to be allowed to continue in your major. For civil engineering, it is 2.8 technical and 2.5 overall.

Minnesota admits to the engineering division and has a secondary admission to major process based on college GPA in technical courses. 3.2 assures admission to of the engineering majors; otherwise admission is competitive. However, civil engineering had capacity to admit all applicants with a 2.0 or higher GPA.