UW Madison v. U Michigan

I was recently accepted to both Madison and Michigan, and now I’m torn. I loved Madison’s campus with the lakeshore and State Street, but Ann Arbor also seems like a cute little city with a lot to do. I plan on majoring in mathematics, possibly economics or finance, but I did not apply to Ross and I know it is hard to transfer in after freshman year.
I live in Minnesota, so I get tuition reciprocity at UW Madison meaning it would be $30,000 less per year to attend.
Money is not an issue at all, but would it be foolish not to take the cheaper deal? I am mainly worried about getting a good, well-paying job I enjoy after college, I know that Michigan is very prestigious, but would the prestige make a huge difference in the job search after college? Please let me know your inputs!

Take the money; Michigan is not worth 120k more than Wisconsin. This is especially true for math.


Save the money for graduate school. You’ll need a grad degree for a more interesting job in those areas.

Agree save the money - Wisconsin is also very well thought of and a much better deal for you.

if money is truly not an issue, than go with the school which is a best fit.

Michigan has a higher ranked program, but since you did not get into Ross and Wisconsin is $120,000 cheaper, go with the Badgers. The following page summarizes the placement at UW’s business school, and it seems strong.


Money is always an issue. Those with enough money for “money to not be an issue” have spent their money wisely. Wisconsin seems like an obvious choice.

^^ Very true. People with lots of money are often careful with it.

Thanks for all the answers, anyone want to argue reasons for going to Michigan?