UW Madsion vs. Emory (Oxford) vs. UCSD

Ok, final decision time on where I’m going to undergrad and I need some help. Some background, I’m an MN resident and I’m hoping to go into pharmacy in the future. I look at college as a time to try new things and put myself out of my comfort zone so I think I could do well in a variety of settings which is why I’m not sure which school I want. Obviously, the cost is a thing, especially with grad school in my future, but I’ve talked to my parents and they were willing and able to foot the bill for any of these schools as I don’t qualify for need-based aid. Any thoughts or advice is much appreciated!!

Choice 1: UW Madison
Info: As an MN resident this school will cost me about $32K a year; I would plan on studying pharmacology and toxicology here; I like the social atmosphere of this school (and I would seriously consider skiing for their club team) but it’s close to home (this bothers me more than it should), very cold, and the worst-ranked school on this list (U.S. news).

Choice 2: Emory (Oxford)
Info: This school costs about $76K a year so there’s that; I would plan on being a chemistry major here; the big issue with this is I was only admitted for spring admit which comes with its issues but I do have 12 credits of APs coming in and they anticipate spring admit kids catching up and leaving Oxford after 3 semesters to graduate after 7 semesters (I guess my biggest concern with spring admit is if there might be a stigma around those kids especially at such a small school); a very different atmosphere here compared to Madison but I think it could be good for me and push me to be a better student than I was in high school (I was pretty eh)

Choice 3: UC San Diego
Info: As an OOS student this school will cost me around $64K; I want to be a Pharmacological Chemistry major with a possible global health minor here; I had some concerns about the social situation but it sounds like (from a current student) it isn’t that bad and they are a great school academically

Go to Madison and save the money. It is 73 degrees there right now. Wisconsin is an international powerhouse in anything related to Chemistry.


Do you have any other Oos choices?

Otherwise it sounds like your best choice is UW Madison.