UW Pre-Health Admissions

Howdy! I am an out-of-state student with hopes of being a Husky. I stress about everything, including college admission, so I am looking for opinions on my likelihood of admission into the UW. I am pursuing Human Physiology (pre-med) and Spanish. Here is my info:

  • 3.94 GPA unweighted
  • 1330 SAT (640 math, 690 eng.)
  • many volunteer hours
  • NHS Secretary at my high school
  • over 200 community service hours
  • heavy involvement in performing arts at high school, community, and state levels

Thank you so much!

I forgot to mention that I have taken/ am taking 7 AP classes, including AP Physics, AP Calculus, AP Spanish, AP US Government and Politics, AP Human Geography, and AP US History. I have also taken many duel-enrollment classes through my local community college.

I don’t know how hard that major is for admission, but for general admission purposes, your profile looks very competitive. I would think that would get you in as long as they like your essays. Good luck!

You’ll be fine! Physiology is a type of the bio major, which is considered “competitive” and that simply means you gotta write a short essay to apply. Pretty much everyone that applies to any bio major (eg. general, mcd, physio, etc) is accepted.