UW School Of Music?

<p>Does anyone know if UW's School of Music is any good? Anyone who has studied music with them before? UW is one of my choice schools(since it's where i'm living) to study Choral Music so I wanted to get some feedback.</p>

<p>I would totally appreciate if you guys could help me with my question. Thanks!</p>

<p>UW like University of Washington or University of Wisconsin? I'm assuming you mean Washington, but it might make a big difference in people trying to help. I've been hearing not-so-great things about the UW program right now, and probably won't apply even though in-state. However, I have heard really great things about the choral programs at Western Washington and Central Washington. Both have pretty solid programs with a good number of participants, and excellent direction. Western is my in-state option for Washington. Central is worth a look too, even though it is truly in the middle of nowhere. The facilities are fairly nice, a large amount of the student population studies music, and their choral program is pretty good. Also, academically, you have automatic admission being in-state with a 3.4gpa or better. Both WWU and CWU are academic safeties for many, whereas UW is not an academic safety, even for top students in the state. I can try and pull up some links about UW for you, but there aren't too many. Also, search google for some news articles about recent turn-arounds in the program.</p>


<p>Yea I was referring to University of Washington. Sorry bout' the confusion. I've been hearing not so good things about UW's school of music too but I just wanted to make sure. My second choice for a music school is at University of Southern California which has an excellent Choral Music program but i'll try to do some research on WWU and CWU before making a final decision. Thank you so much for the info! :)</p>