UW Seattle vs Top State Schools

How good is UW Seattle actually? People in Seattle make it sound comparable to umich, Berkeley, and other top state schools. Is UW really comparable to these other top state schools? I’m interested in the business school, so also how is the business school compared to other top star schools?

Of course it is, and yes, Foster is an excellent business school.

Thanks for the response, based off your username, it sounds like ur at UW, how has ur experience been and do you know how the recruiting for finance is from foster? Thanks

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Any other opinions on how uw compared to other top state schools?

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as someone who lived in WA for 4 years, I definitely have experienced the UW hype first-hand. it’s a great school for engineering, computer science, and business for sure, but otherwise I’d say it’s comparable to pretty much all the rest of the top in-states. I think both Berkeley and UMich are somewhat on their own level considering they’re almost ivies! if you are in-state for UW, then going and attending foster is a great choice. if you live in a state with any sort of t100 public school then I think that education will also serve u well. not sure if that was what you’re looking for but those are just my thoughts!

UW is a great value for WA residents, especially if they intend to go into medicine and computer science fields. As @sunflowerbibble mentioned, for anyone in a state with a T100 school, UW will not a good value.

I don’t think UW is at the same level as Michigan and Berkeley.

Yesterday I reviewed the undergraduate business school placement information for Indiana University-Kelley and for Michigan-Ross. Was a bit surprised to read that the highest average base salaries for both schools were in Seattle (over San Francisco, New York City, Los Angeles, & about 10 other major US cities). I do understand that NYC IB bonuses could change these rankings.

Univ. of Washington-Foster places well in Seattle. Microsoft, Apple & several other Fortune 500s employers are based in Seattle.

Among MBA programs, UW-Foster led in percentage of graduates placed at or by graduation.

In short, UW-Foster’s placement is very good to excellent. Seattle is home to a few of the nation’s top targeted employers.

UW Seattle is a top state school. I can’t speak for business, but for computer science I’d say the only state schools better are Berkeley, Michigan, Georgia Tech, and UT Austin, and UW is definitely in that top tier.

UW-Seattle is among the top 6 schools for CS (Carnegie Mellon, MIT, Stanford, UCal-Berkeley, Illinois, & the Univ. of Washington).

Business school placement is quite strong, but UW-Seattle undergraduate business school is not among the top ten u/g business schools according to US News.

Does anyone know if UW can place kids in East Coast jobs or are are all connections in Seattle area?

Probably depends upon one’s major. (A CS major from the Univ. of Washington, for example, should be able to get interviews anywhere in the US.)

I was wondering about the business major

If one is targeting East Coast jobs, then UW-Seattle may not be the best place to earn one’s undergraduate business degree; probably because the West Coast & the Seattle area offer enough job opportunities that it would be inefficient for East Coast recruiters to target UW-Seattle.

Prior to the onset of Covid-19 (the novel coronavirus), the MBA program at the Univ. of Washington’s Foster School of Business had the highest placement rate “by graduation” of all US MBA programs due to the great job market in Seattle & on the West Coast.

Of course, much depends upon what area of business & what the COA is for one’s alternatives to UW-Seattle. Don’t take out large student loans just to attend an undergraduate school on the East Coast. And even that requires an examination of the specific business schools involved as the rate of return for Wharton finance grads is significant, but maybe not as good for most other East Coast business schools.

In short, specifics matter.

OP: While the undergraduate business school is strong at UW-Seattle, it does not yield the same nationwide career opportunities as does UPenn-Wharton, UMichigan or UCal-Berkeley. But, those are the top 3 undergrad business schools in the country.

US News undergraduate business school rankings have: 1) U. Penn; 2) MIT; 3) UCB Haas; 3) U. Mich; 4) UT-Austin; 5) NYU; 10) Cornell; 12) USC; 19) UW-Seattle.

UW-Seattle has a top undergraduate business school and has an excellent reputation among the major large employers headquartered in the Seattle area. S, a recent Foster grad, had a few summer internships in Seattle, including one at Amazon, plus 2 other large companies and a few summer internship offers with a couple of Big 4 firms. He is currently employed by a Big 4 and received his CPA license. After graduating from Foster, he chose the Big 4 for the long term benefits over the large salary Amazon offered.

He tells me that in the Big 4 staff training for the West Coast offices, the Big 4 highly value degrees from UW-Seattle, UCB Haas, UCLA Bus. Econ., USC Marshall/Leventhal and UCSB accounting econ. The representation of new hires from these schools is higher than the other schools in the West Coast. This is the case now and even 30+ years ago when I was with a Big 8 (now the Big 4).

Depends on the major.

For CS, UW is in the top 5 or 6 research universities according to csrankings.org. The top 15 for the period 2010-2020 are:

  1. CMU 2 MIT
  2. UIUC
  3. Stanford
  4. Berkeley
  5. UW
  6. Cornell
  7. UMichigan
  8. UCSD
  9. UMaryland
  10. GeorgiaTech
  11. UWisconsin - Madison
  12. Columbia
  13. Northeastern
  14. UCLA
  15. UPenn

For Med School, UW ranks second after Harvard as winning most research grants.