UW Seattle vs. UW Tacoma vs. WSU Business School

<p>I'm a in state running start student with a 3.2 HS GPA and 3.0 Community College GPA will graduate with my AA degree while working full time at a major Country Club(not accounting related). I'm going to be majoring in accounting and was wondering how these schools stack up. I know the UW Seattle Foster School of Business is the best but how is everyone viewing UW Tacoma Milgard school of Business and WSU School of Business? My first choice is Foster School of business but I'm towards the lower end of applicants. What are some way to increase my chances clubs, etc. I'm also quater Thai and have some Mexican in me. How much of a race do you have to be to claim in on admissions?</p>

<p>Thanks for all the help</p>

<p>Milgard really isn’t too good,and I’m not sure about WSU’s School of Business at all.
You could google both schools and their rankings.
What got me wondering is that you will graduate with an AA. I’m in the RS program as well, but I’ll be graduating with an Associate in Business that directly transfers to UW.
You should check if your CC has a transfer agreement for the AA as well, but I’m sure they will. If you want to transfer to UW, you should be good to go, however, look up if you have met their course requirements in the transfer agreement plan.
Good luck!</p>

<p>I decided to go AA to keep it broad but alot of business classes if I switched to AB like you i would have to stay longer then 2 years as well. Mine is Direct Transfer Agreement. I dont see anything that says were guranteed admisson to UW Seattle though???</p>

<p>oh, gotcha.
UW Seattle wants you to take specific electives.
I know that you have to have at least a minimum cum. college gpa of 2.5, so you really should get accepted with your 3.0.
If it will directly transfer and there are no specific electives listed that you’d have to take to get accepted, then you really have nothing to worry about.
Oh, it would take me two years to finish mine :slight_smile:
My background’s a little more complicated though, since I immigrated last year from another country to WA.
I didn’t know about the RS program till the end of my junior year. I’m a senior right now, so I’ll be halfway done though.
I’m not sure if it’ll count that you are Mexican and Thai.
I’m German and German is my mother tongue. I’ve also lived there for 17 yrs, studied there, etc. but I don’t think it’ll make a difference.
I would mention it though, especially if you are fluent with Spanish!
Just apply and again, I wish you the best of luck.</p>

<p>Just curious what makes you feel so confindent I will get in? I know you stated the min that you can have is a 2.5 and I have a 3.0 but people are applying with average 3.7…
And are you talking about UW seattle or the Foster school of business they have?</p>

<p>I don’t know that you will get in.
Admission is competitive, but you will enter as a junior, and if you have met the pre reqs for the business program, then you have a chance.
So idk, did you take Econ 201, Econ 202, Statistics, Business Cal, Intro to Bus, and the Acct classes, etc.?
Those are the pre reqs for the program.
If you have met them, then you should have a chance.
I’m not sure about UW Seattle and the average GPAs of those who got in.
I know from ppl who got into WSU with your stats - not the business program though.</p>

<p>I’m not sure how much being an Asian minority in Seattle will help you, considering the vast majority of minorities (funny saying) are Asians in the greater Seattle area.</p>

<p>According to UW’s website, approximately 25% of their undergraduates are Asian.</p>

<p>I will have completed move of the pre reqs. I might take summer classes that way I can go into business school fall quater 2011(If I can get it) </p>

<p>Good thing Im Mexican as well which is a very under represented race in college. How much percent do you have to be to claim that though? Im 13% according to the math haha</p>

<p>IMO, if you have to fall back on the fact that you are are 13% Mexican to get you into a school, your probably putting your eggs in the wrong basket. Falling back on good grades, good personal statements, good recommendations…those are things to fall back on. </p>

<p>Seems to me (by my math) you are 62% white. So the majority of your make up is white…you should classify yourself as white. </p>

<p>Sometimes there is a box “other” or “mixed”. If it makes you feel better, check that.</p>

<p>I wasn’t falling back on my race just thought it would help me but didn’t know what percent you had to be to claim it.</p>

<p>Anyone else heard anymore about UW Tacoma or WSU business school?</p>

<p>13% Mexican? So, are you using that to get all those government freebies that my tax dollars pay for?</p>

<p>I haven’t used any gov freebies. I hate taxes just as much as you!</p>

<p>UW has the best business school in WA (and probably the Northwest).</p>

<p>After this year I will have 1 quater before all my prereqs are completed. Would I improve my chances at getting into the UW Seattle business school if I went to UW seattle for a quater to complete my prereqs?</p>

<p>You hate taxes yet the three schools you listed are all publicly funded insitutions? That makes sense.</p>

<p>can anybody please help me in explaining me how is the university of washginton,seattle different from university of washington,tacoma because i had applied to the seattle campus for masters in computer science program but I got in the tacoma campus.So even if i graduate from tacoma, are there fair chances of getting a decent job just as the students from seattle campus do.Also, the quality of studies differ in both the campuses?</p>

<p>amit007, your diploma will say “University of Washington”, but it will be mentioned below that it was given in Tacoma and will be signed by the chancellor of the UWT. I doubt that employers beyond Washington will even care.</p>

<p>Different college campuses are viewed differently. </p>

<p>Although I guess my main concern would be the quality of the program as well as if you’ll have access to UW (seattle)'s career center/job postings. </p>

<p>For original poster, </p>

<p>WSU is a good school for accounting.</p>

I’m a current undergrad at UWT and am in my first year of the business management program. I’ve had really great professors that have taken the time to talk with me about career and internship opportunities. Foster is obviously going to be prestigious simply because of its age. UWT is only 25 years old, so they are going to be vastly different. But the degree you get is the same. It doesn’t even specify what campus, the only difference is one will say ‘Foster’ and the other ‘Milgard’. People have these preconceived notions that the Seattle campus is better at everything simply because they were established first. But it all depends on the student. If you learn best with 50 to 300 other students in the class and don’t care about accessibility to the professors, (not just the TAs) then Seattle will be the place for you. I personally enjoy having class sizes of about 25-30 and knowing I can knock on my professor’s door and have a comfortable conversation with them if I’d like. And I know other departments are the same way. I don’t know stats about the other departments but the average GPA of the business school is a 3.5. Take this as you will, but don’t get hung up on the popularity of one campus over the other. Visit both campuses, talk to the schools and then decide which one will fit you better. Prestige of a school has no bearing over your success there. A degree from Yale wouldn’t get you very far if you barely scrape by. It may land you your first job but it’s up to you and your understanding and knowledge to keep it. Good luck with your search and I wish you the best success, whichever you decide!

@blackwidow6 has it right. I did want to add one thing, why isnt UW Bothell in your consideration list for business school? You are pretty much guaranteed to get in there (provided you meet all of the reqs) and the B School there is higher ranked than UWT (IIRC).