UW Transfer 2021

not sure, I’m looking thru other threads trying to figure that out.

my friends at UW are having the same issue… I think the portal is down across the board

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I wouldn’t count on them releasing any decisions this week. Last year and the prior years they have released decisions as late as july. Some people receive a financial aid email before getting their acceptance notification. When I applied to be a freshman they incorrectly awarded me financial aid lol

Probably just routine maintenance

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Is anybody else able to register for summer and fall courses? For some reason on the MyUW account, I am able to see all of the courses for next year and register for them. I’m wondering if other people can see it too.

When I first made my UW account and up until a couple months ago i could register.

Maybe that’s a good sign for you!

I hope so! I also might be overthinking everything haha. Are you still able to register? I hope we all hear soon!

I am not able to register anymore


They should be releasing soon-ish so honestly all we can do is sit and wait unfortunately. I wish you good luck!

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got an email at 11:00
accepted to foster :sob:
wa cc student 3.87 gpa
Good luck to everyone!!!



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Congratulations thats totally amazing!

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Thank you! Good luck to everyone!

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Has anybody else heard back yet?

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That’s amazing!

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congrats!!! did your unofficial transcripts load?!

yes:) but I checked after I got the letter so I am not sure how did the transcripts look like before

Hope this helps! The WSA score seems pretty high this year:((