UW Transfer 2021

Trying to transfer from WSU honors for Fall 2021, hoping to get in, do not have all prerequisites for my major (missing 1), and nervous!

good luck!! have you submitted?

Hi! I’m a freshman in college right now just submitted my UW application! Here are my stats:
Attended Boise State University, then transferred to a Washington CC for winter and spring.
GPA: 4.0
Major: Anthropology
Non resident
Will have all prereqs done before entering UW

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what’s your major?!

Hi! My major is Biochem and by the time I would be attending UW in fall I would have all pre reqs and would apply for biochem in October. My GPA is a 3.87 out of the honors college.

how exciting! good luck with everything!! i’ll update this forum if i receive any updates!

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does anyone know when transfer students heard back last year? any specific date or rough estimate of when we will get our admission decisions?

I saw on a thread from last year some didn’t hear anything until July, but many people heard in May.

Hi I am a post-bac applicant, which is sort of like a transfer (with the same stated notification period). The only difference is people like me already have a bachelor’s degree and are applying for a second one. I just received my admission offer on the portal today (April 9) with a deadline to accept two weeks from now. Not sure if they have modified the notification period this year or if there is a difference between transfer and post-bac but I would encourage people to keep checking the portal for status updates. Good luck!

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On the UW page transfer and postbacc are under different pages but good to know! Last year transfer people were not being notified until May-late June/July about their admission status. This thread is for undergrad transfers so we do not confuse anyone.

Hello! Does anybody happen to know if the decisions come out in waves or all at once?

Usually waves, I do not believe any transfers have been notified yet.

Hey everyone! I’m planning on transferring to UW-S in Biology(College of Arts and Sciences). I listed my stats below. My unofficial transcript hasn’t loaded yet.
33 ACT
4.0 cc in wa gpa
3.89 hs in wa gpa
President of honors society at cc
Exactly 90 credits after winter quarter.