UW Transfer 2021

:sunglasses:lets wait for it.

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not here

So quick update:

For me: Noting yet, and asked them if they could do anything to move my application upfront so that I can start my VA Educational benefits early thus won’t miss my 1st qtr tuition. They could not do anything. Last time I checked the VA benefits application process could take somewhere between 3 weeks to 3 months…
This actually went a bit far and I had an anxiety attack yesterday. Ended up in ER so it was not good…

For my friends/ International student friends: Some good news. A friend of mine who already deposited in Purdue finally got her offer yesterday but could not go back to UW cuz her file had already been transferred. BTW, she’s in for communication, the same intended major as me.
My guidance counselor in CC told me yesterday that two of her students got transfer offers from UW this Monday and Tuesday.

Furthermore, the phone call with the admission indicated that this year’s notification may go all the way towards the end of June due to amount of applications.

I hope you’re feeling better! And thank you so so much for the update!

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Amount of applications… I guess this year is competitive.

I actually kinda doubt it. It make sense if the international applicants are overwhelming and competitive due to the COVID situation is way better here in the States comparing last year. For domestic transfers? I don’t really think so.

I am so sorry it’s so stressful. I really hope you’re okay and have faith that the timeline will work out with the VA.

When you said that your friend got in but “can’t go back to UW” do you mean that because she deposited at another school she is ineligible to transfer? I am guessing that because UW is so late in notifying transfers, most have deposited elsewhere just in case.

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Thank you for the kind word.

She’s an international students and already got her record transferred to Purdue. It will be hard for her to transfer file from Purdue to UW then.

Similar problem happened last year when a friend who could not wait for UW any longer ended up in UCR, already got everything set then finally the offer from UW came… What a pity…

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Anyone got anything?

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Nope :confounded:

I also had to go to the emergency room this application cycle because I thought I was having a heart attack.

It’s so outrageously disrespectful and incompetent on UW’s part. I’m so disgusted by this school.

Hope you feel better!

There’s nothing more that I could say… Feel so sorry for you.

Hope you feel better…! Despite any result, I hope you take care of yourself the most. UW admission is really meanie… :disappointed: I truly agree with you with that part as well. We should just take it out of mind and wait till the last day of decision date…! And we will have ezpz nice result…! Have a good weekend :wink: