UW vs. GaTech

<p>Okay, I've been accepted to University of Washington (CAS) and Georgia Tech (undeclared college of engineering). Where do you think I should attend this fall? I'm hoping to major in computer or electrical engineering. The cost does not matter as much as long as the school provides me with many opportunities in internships and academic challenges. The location also doesn't matter as the two schools are located in a big city.</p>

<p>Tell me where I should go and why. Thanks.</p>

<p>It's a no-brainer. For engineering, do GaTech.</p>

<p>Gee, this is tough...</p>

<p>Georgia Tech has a phenomenal engineering department, but UDub is great too. </p>

<p>Both are going to provide similar opportunities and academic challenges.</p>

<p>Honestly, I'd choose UDub because I like Seattle better than Atlanta and the campus environment is much prettier and more well rounded.</p>

<p>However, you must consider cost...it's foolish not too...especially when comparing two great schools that will provide you a similar level of education.</p>

<p>What does UDub stand for, im pretty sure he said UWash.</p>

<p>^ Do a Google search for UDub...;)</p>

<p>Up until UCB's post I had never heard of UW having a good engineering program. I knew they were good with natural sciences and medicine and the like, but I had never heard anything about engineering. </p>

<p>GaTech is top ranked and better known.</p>

<p>Seattle is a nice city, but Atlanta is too and the southern cities are booming for engineering right now.</p>

<p>Undergraduate engineering specialties:
Electrical / Electronic / Communications
(At schools whose highest degree is a doctorate)
1 Massachusetts Inst. of Technology<br>
2 University of California–Berkeley *
3 Stanford University (CA)
4 U. of Illinois–Urbana-Champaign *
5 University of Michigan–Ann Arbor *
6 Georgia Institute of Technology *
7 California Institute of Technology<br>
8 Cornell University (NY)
9 University of Texas–Austin *
10 Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
11 Princeton University (NJ)
12 Purdue Univ.–West Lafayette (IN)*
13 Northwestern University (IL)
14 Univ. of California–San Diego *
15 Univ. of California–Los Angeles *
15 Univ. of Southern California<br>
17 Univ. of Wisconsin–Madison *
*17 University of Washington **
17 Virginia Tech *
20 Columbia University (NY)
20 Pennsylvania State U.–University Park *
20 Univ. of California–Santa Barbara *
23 Johns Hopkins University (MD) </p>

<p>Proximity to Microsoft cannot be denied...</p>

<p>11 points is a fairly large gap when you're looking within the top 20. I mean, we're comparing a top 20 school to an almost-top-5 school. I'm not saying that UW's program isn't good, just that it doesn't stand out the way GaTech engineering does. </p>

<p>And hiring at Microsoft for engineers is incredibly competitive; heck, you'd probably want an MIT degree if you're looking to work there. ;)</p>

<p>Not really...in engineering, pay is very similar...very little premium is paid to grads from top programs.</p>

<p>"^ Do a Google search for UDub..."</p>

<p>Oh i see, but i dont understand why its called UDub.</p>

<p>BTW, how do you make a quote box thingy.</p>

<p>"Dub" comes from how W sounds when you say it.</p>

Oh i see, but i dont understand why its called UDub.


Just the nickname... UW is normally U Wiconsin... UDub is sort of a distinction..."U Double U" = UDub</p>

<p>to quote, type this:</p>

BTW, how do you make a quote box thingy.

without the asterisks and it becomes:

BTW, how do you make a quote box thingy.


<p>or, type this:

BTW, how do you make a quote box thingy.[/</em>quote]
again without the asterisks becomes:


<p>G Tech is arguably the best public undergrad engineering school (up there with berkeley, michigan, illinois). however, it sucks in everything else and they do have a tendency to weed people out.</p>

<p>Not to mention a horrible social scene and ghetto adjacent location.</p>

<p>i know people who go there who believe they are competing with the school. going to gt will get you a job but its a tough 4 years you have to get trhough.</p>

Not really...in engineering, pay is very similar...very little premium is paid to grads from top programs.


<p>Spot on! A lot of people don't realize this is the case, but compare starting salaries from the likes of MIT and Stanford to "lesser" engineering schools and it's definitely the case - there really is no premium. (Some would argue that more engineering students at schools such as MIT or Stanford are more apt to go into more lucrative fields like IBanking instead of engineering.)</p>

Up until UCB's post I had never heard of UW having a good engineering program.


UDub has a very strong engineering school. But specifically, the OP has an interest in Computer or Electrical Engineering. For Computer Science, UDub is ranked #7 and GeorgiaTech #11. UDub gets a lot of money from the Gates family and Paul Allen (benefits for being in the Microsoft backyard). In fact, the Paul G. Allen Center for Computer Science & Engineering is state-of-the-art (<a href="http://www.cs.washington.edu/building/)%5B/url%5D"&gt;http://www.cs.washington.edu/building/)&lt;/a&gt;.&lt;/p>

<p>One Caveat: For UDub, if you are not a Direct Admit you need to apply for admission to CSE after your freshman or sophmore year; admission is quite competitive.</p>

<p>I was talking about actually getting the jobs, not the pay scale.</p>