UW vs. USC

<p>So far I've gotten into the University of Washington and, somehow, Southern Cal. And believe me, I have no clue how I got into USC (3.6 GPA, 2100 SAT, not too many ECs outside Cross Country, kinda crappy essay). But anyways, I got in to both, but I'm not totally set on where to go. I'll probably end up going to UW because I missed some of the financial aid deadlines for USC, and it would cost way more anyways. I want to major in either Computer Science or Engineering, and I know both schools have good reputations. So ignoring cost and other factors (I live near UW so it'd be more familiar for me), based solely on where I could get the best education and best job after college, which would you recommend?</p>

<p>in-state UDub > full price at USC</p>

<p>Your education quality will be the same at both schools.</p>

<p>If you want to settle in Socal after graduation, I would consider going to USC. Otherwise, I'd save the money and become a Husky. The Seattle area is more of a computer science employment hotbed than southern CA is anyway.</p>

<p>I usually encourage people to save money and stay in state....unless the school is actually in their hometown. I think it's important to actually GO AWAY to college. </p>

<p>You said you live close by UW?</p>

<p>Go to USC. Spread your wings a bit.</p>