UW Winter 2021 Transfer Discussion

Hi everyone! We have finally entered the hear back period and I can only imagine the anxiety everyone’s experiencing. I have been notified that a few people have heard back although unfortunately I have not. I was wondering how the status of everyone else’s applications currently are.

Nothing yet for me. Trying to avoid the checking incessantly trap. Any updates for you yet?

Hi! I’m also applying to UW as a transfer for the Winter 2021 quarter. I haven’t heard anything yet!

What is your major?

Anthropology, with a specialization in Medical Anthropology & Global Health on the Pre-Med track

I know, i didn’t have to be that detailed, but i decided too ?

Its all good :). Awesome that you are so certain at this stage in the game. Good luck, my friend!

How about you? What’s your major? @Tigerfly

I also applied for transfer. Haven’t heard back yet.

Hi everyone. I also applied as a transfer to UW Seattle, and I am still waiting to hear back. The suspense is so stressful. I have to keep myself from refreshing the portal every 30 min. Good luck!! Let me know when you hear from admissions. We got this!!

@chiamakac I am a Microbiology major.

My unofficial transcript loaded today im pretty sure that means I got in right? Im a microbio major coming from a CC in-state. Im gonna wait for the official acceptance to celebrate haha

How do you check if your unofficial transcript loaded?

If you got a loading transcript with a student ID you got accepted. What was your GPA and such btw @guacamole369 .

You log into the myUW and click unofficial transcript.

Would that include the transcript from the college you plan to transfer from?

Also, how do you know if that is true?

Here are my stats

I went to WSU for my freshman year and then BC for the past quarter
WSU credits- 45 quarter
BC credits- 17 quarter
GPA- 4.0
Major Pre Science/Microbiology
My situation is a little odd since this will be my third school in the first two years of college so not sure how comparable it will be but hopefully this helps! Good luck to everyone!

I know this from others who have gotten in from the past when they transferred. It only applies to the UW portal, so UW transcripts only.

I have been reading old forums and everyone that was admitted said they had their transcripts loaded right before they got their acceptance letter.

Has anyone been admitted with a psych major yet?

I’m worried the psychs acceptance letters went out and I am just waiting to get denied.

Just recieved the official offer of admission! I think if ur transcript loads that means ur in I haven’t heard of any circumstances where that hasn’t happened. Good luck everyone!!!