UWaterloo 2016 CS/SE applicants

I have been accepted into Uwaterloo CS honors coop for fall 2016. The acceptance came in early Jan 2016. I have a 96% predicted score from CBSE India. I am a 105d applicant. I have some strong EC’s like a national scholarship awardee by govt. of India, a national fellowship awardee by IiSc Bangalore, govt. of India, lots of Olympiad wins/ medals, voluntary work in NGO, Programming experience through school curriculum and participated in online coding contests etc. What are my chances of SE acceptance in feb- march or in May?

Pls anyone reply.


According to Waterloo admissions, about 60%. https://profbillanderson.wordpress.com/2015/10/15/chances-for-2016/

105D?u sure?
its 105f i guess bro!