UWC Applicants 2020

Hey! My name is Joscelyn. I’m applying to the United World Colleges this year from the USA, and I would like to connect with other applicants. If anyone happens across this, feel free to reply. We’re in this together!

Hi, @jcald34 we’ve already talked, but for anyone else who stumbles upon this forum I am excepted student from the US going to RBC hopefully for the years 2020-2022, I would be happy to answer anyone’s questions about the application process. I honestly don’t know if I will be going next year because of Covid, hopefully I will, and if I am I’m happy to also answer any questions about UWC life.

hi guys! i am also applying for UWC this year . i have been preparing for it since from the beginning of 2020 yet i am still confused . how about you @jcald34

hey joscelyn, i’m applying to UWC through the US national committee as well!! i heard we were supposed to be notified as to whether or not we advance to the interview stage sometime within the next few days and i’m so so nervous ?

which UWC(s) would you most like to study at?

Hi Joscelyn! I’m applying to UWC through the US National Committee as well. I just submitted my application yesterday so I’m a nervous wreck.

Wow, I just saw this!

I have my interview this Saturday. I would prefer USA, Italy, RBC, or UWCiM!

If you would like to talk more, I’m open to it!

Hi! I have my interview this Saturday!

I’m super nervous lol

That’s super exciting! I"m having mine tomorrow evening :slight_smile:
I’m trying to decide what school I want to list as my preference if asked, do you have one in mind?

I like the ones in Mostar, Germany, and Italy the most, but I’m willing to go anywhere except for two or three due to safety reasons. How about you?

I’m interested in the idea of being immersed in a new community, so the ones in New Mexico and Canada aren’t really the BEST fit for me, in my head. I’ve heard that the committee places you where they think you’ll succeed though, so if I was lucky enough to get in I’d trust their decision.

Hi! My interview is in exactly 100 minutes. I’m freaking out.

Germany and Italy are my top two. I’m a cellist so I’m interested in Italy’s ICMA programme. Germany’s focus on sustainability is really appealing to me though.

I totally understand your desire to be in a new community. I trust the committee as well, everyone I’ve talked to says even though they may not have received their first choice, they’re so happy with where they ended up. From what I’ve heard the US committee accepts 60 people, keeps 25 at UWC-USA and has spots to nominate two US students to each school. I’m not sure if that’s true but it’s what I’ve read and been told.

I’ve heard something along similar lines as well!

Who did you interview with? How did it go? Hoping that we both get in!

Hey! How did your interview go?

I had mine last Sunday and I’m overall really happy with how it went :grin: I did screw up a little on the last question though so now ofc I’m so worried it’ll overshadow the rest of my application lol.

I’m hoping so hard that we all get in. Everyone on this thread seems so amazing!

Hi everyone!

I had my interview on January 5th. It was a great experience but I sobbed after. I feel like I did awful. I’m really hoping we all make it to the next round! I interviewed with Robert Joyce and Gavin Powell, they were both AMAZING people, they made the interview fun. Have any of you heard anything? I was told I’d know if I made it to the next round by the end of the month.

I think I did only okay. There were some answers that I gave that seemed great at the time, but probably not what they were looking for. I hope everything goes well for all of us!

I had a lot of fun with my interview. Initially, I felt like I did very well. After I went outside for a while and took a walk though, I had more doubts haha. We’ll see what happens. I hope that everything works out for the both of us!

I think we’re supposed to hear back next week. Fingers crossed for sure.

Aw I’m sure you did great!! I felt the same way - super confident about my answers right after the interview and then steadily more doubtful. I’m trying to remember that it’s natural to overanalyze all my answers and that they know how stressful interviewing is + don’t expect us to do perfectly :slight_smile:

I was honestly blown away by how well my interviewers knew my application. It’s very clear that at this stage they care a lot about getting to know us! It was such a great experience but ofc now I’m an emotional wreck waiting for the decisions to come out haha.

I don’t know any fellow UWC applicants irl so it’s been amazing to connect with everyone on college confidential! At least we can all stress together :sweat_smile:

Absolutely! I was just notified I’ll be moving on to the selection weekend, and I’ve been talking it over with some other applicants on Instagram.

Congratulations on advancing!! I’ll be moving on as well, maybe we’ll see each other at finalist weekend :relaxed:

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ooh and if you wanted to connect on instagram I’m @zia.katarzyna

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I’m going to be moving onto the selection weekend as well :slight_smile: If you want to contact me over Instagram, my username is lianastar999

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