Uwc chance me

Hi! I’ll be applying to UWC through the Indian NC. I just wanted to know if my profile is good enough to have a fair chance of getting in. Also, I think its worth mentioning that when I’ll be applying (summer 2021) I would be in 11th grade. Right now, I’m in 10th grade.

Grades: I have above average grades.

  • I am a part of the swim team but I haven’t been to that many competitions bc corona :"
    (I have been to two competitions and I have won a few medals).
  • I have participated in a few MUNs and ended up getting an award. I couldn’t continue with MUN because corona.
  • I participated in an international leadership convention in Singapore.
  • I participated in the Harvard YLC program.
  • I won an excellence award for upholding the core values of our school.
  • I am the class representative of my class.
  • During quarantine, I did a bunch of edx online courses on religion.
  • From whatever I learnt in the online courses, I plan to start a podcast once my boards get over (in june, hopefully).
  • Our school has a competition where we have to come up with a product that aims to solve an issue in our community. That product is then judged by CEOs of other companies. My team was the semi-finalist of this competition.
  • I’ve been learning Korean for about a year and Bahasa Indonesian for a couple of months.