Vacation Destination, Please

<p>We're trying to come up with a vacation destination for this summer. DS will be graduating and heading off to grad school or starting out on a professional career. </p>

<p>Not to be melodramatic, but I'm concerned that this might be our last trip as a family (DH, DS and me) and would like it to be something special. The perfect destination should have something for the young and, hmmm, the not so young! We regularly took vacations together until DS went to college when busy schedules, summer school, etc. began to take priority. </p>

<p>We have a variety of interests, have enjoyed trips doing anything/everything from national parks to beach trips to touring big cities.</p>

<p>Do you have a favorite vacation destination that might meet our needs? Have you done a family cruise that was a hit with all parties? </p>

<p>Our circumstances are far from unique--I'm sure some of you have been in my shoes and I'd like to benefit from your experience!</p>

<p>Four Corners: Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona!</p>

<p>Check out this thread from a couple of years ago:
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<p>Europe... Hawaii... and then lots of places within the continental USA. </p>

<p>Can you narrow it down a bit by area and maybe type?</p>

<p>Where are you starting from? How much time do you want to spend? How much money do you want to spend? Are you camping? Hotels? Driving? Flying? Taking the dog? Beach? Mountains? Activities?</p>

<p>One of the vacations I enjoyed most with my daughter was 6 days and 8 plays in London (my husband would have hated it); my son and I spent a great week on a liveaboard dive boat in Palau (DH wanted to go but couldn't). The four of us all enjoyed two weeks in Australia (well, mostly enjoyed--drunk Australians at New Year's are "interesting").</p>

have enjoyed trips doing anything/everything from national parks to beach trips to touring big cities


<p>A few years ago, we took a vacation that had all of the above - NYC, then Boston, then Maine. It started out intense, and became less intense as we moved on to Boston, then even less as we moved on to Maine.</p>

<p>Not my intent to be vague. Guess nothing is off the table, really. We'll be starting from the East Coast. Could drive if it's practical but would probably fly. Probably 7 to 10 days long. Not really interested in camping OR taking the dog! We love the mountains but I'm afraid a mountain trip might be a bit quiet for DS. Probably thinking more along the lines of continental US rather than Europe or Hawaii. (Had a great family trip to Alaska a few years ago.) Haven't been to Canada.</p>

<p>What about an all inclusive resort some place? They tend to have things for all ages.</p>

<p>When our daughter gets back to this country, we are taking our two kids on a family vacation to Disney World. Again...plenty for everyone to do...we can stick together or split up. </p>

<p>We have friends who flew to Denver, picked up an RV and did two weeks of national park "stuff" in that neck of the woods. Dropped the RV off and flew home. Apparently there are outfits out there that do this.</p>

<p>Montreal and Toronto are also both LOTS of fun.</p>

<p>An Alaskan Cruise is fabulous. We've done two so far, the first time just our immediate family where we flew into Anchorage and toured around on our own for several days then caught a southbound cruise to Vancouver and the second last year with extended family (ages 17 - 83) round trip out of Vancouver. That said, Alaska cruises are all about the ports and what you choose to there. If you are looking for a vacation on the more scenic/naure/active side, would highly recommend it. </p>

<p>If you've been to Alaska - Nevermind...</p>

<p>Vancouver, Whistler, Vancouver Island area. Combo of city and the great outdoors and beautiful in the summer.</p>

<p>We took an amazing summer cruise up the coast of Norway. Started in England and ended in Copenhagen. Then we flew back to London for a few more wonderful days.</p>

<p>3 years ago we did the ultimate family vacation. Flew into Bozeman MT and headed south: Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, SLC, Bryce, Zion, Lake Powell, & Grand Canyon. Flew home from Las Vegas. 2 weeks and 2150 miles on rental small SUV. </p>

<p>Of all the places we stayed, I would return to the cottage we rented near Bryce:</p>

<p>Bryce</a> Canyon Cabin | Stone Canyon Inn</p>

<p>Never possible to see everything in Yellowstone, so I would go back. </p>

<p>We did not have enough time in Grand Tetons & would return and stay in another place.</p>

<p>Up or down the California Coastline......San Diego/Catalina area.....or San Francisco, Sonoma, Wine Country and then up to Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington</p>

<p>Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Bryce Canyon/Sedona, Arizona</p>

<p>I also agree Vancouver is very beautiful and a nice summer trip...</p>

<p>Vermont/Montreal/Maine/Nova Scotia areas</p>

<p>St. John USVI. Maho Bay Eco-resort.</p>

<p>Nothing forces a family to rely on each other than traveling in a foreign country.
How about Barcelona, Madrid, Seville, Gibraltar by car?</p>



<p>Canadian Rockies: Calgary, Banff and Jasper</p>

<p>Take a class at Penland School of Crafts (in NC) together. They have a week long class towards the end of the summer. Penland attracts college age through retired people. You'll have plenty of bonding time, and won't be rushing around to see the sights.</p>

<p>Our whole family went to a dude ranch for my parent's 50th wedding anniversary and had a blast. We stayed at a large working cattle ranch at the foot of the Bighorn Mountains (so you could ride on the plains or take a trail ride up into the mountains).</p>

<p>Welcome</a> to Eaton's Ranch, Wolf, Wyoming's Guest and Dude Ranch</p>

<p>We had a nice trip where the first half was Quebec City (fun city, museums, great restaurants, history) and the other half was a resort around Mt. St. Anne...not far away, but mountains, hiking, waterfalls. You feel like you've traveled far away because folks are speaking French. (My personal theory is that folks in Quebec don't mind Americans not speaking French; they just get irritated when Canadians don't speak French.)</p>

<p>We also had a nice Olympic National Park - Victoria BC - Seattle/Mt. Ranier trip. Again, a mix of nature and city.</p>

<p>Did a family cruise this summer with 3D's, college soph,hs senior,grade 2 connecting rooms on a newer ship, was GREAT...plenty to do for all ages....though our favorite vacation reently was Grand Caymans on Seven Mile Beach, THE best vacation ever...pricey, but very woth every cent</p>