Vaccines for school

<p>After reading the reported side affects of Menactra (the vaccine recommended by Boco against meningitis), I’m concerned about giving it to my daughter. This is not a requirement here in California. I’m just wondering how many of you have given the vaccine to your children and how many also have concerns. I certainly understand the seriousness of meningitis, and also know that a student passed away from it in 2004 at Boco (although I read that he had received a vaccination against it). I’m just in a quandary about this and would appreciate feedback from other parents.</p>

<p>My daughter is a rising senior and had the vaccine and had no problem.</p>

<p>Colleges and Universities in California don't require vaccination against meningitis if you're planning on dorming? I would be suprised to hear that. Every college I'm aware of (those where my children have attended or applied) have required vaccination. There is always a worry about side effects of vaccinations, but it is most important to be immunized. Not only for your child, but for the safety of all those around him/her. I don't mean to sound authoritative, but as a school nurse, I believe in the the importance of vaccination for the safety of the public.</p>