Vagelos Scholars in Molecular Life Sciences Program

<p>I've noticed a couple people on this forum who are in those program, and thought we should have a thread where we can collectively discuss it. As an incoming freshmen, I'm looking forward to the program, and very glad to have a way to take as many science courses as I want.</p>

<p>Since we are all taking Chemistry, Physics, and Calculus in the first semester, we can also find out who will be taking classes together.</p>

<p>I've signed up for Chem 115, Phys 170, and Math 116.</p>

<p>Chem 115
Phys 170
Math 114</p>

<p>Do you know if we have to take the chem placement exam even if we already have the AP credit? The Vag peer advisor email from june seems to indicate it.</p>

<p>Penn</a> Chemistry: Chemistry Advanced Placement Policy and Placement Exam</p>

<p>Based on that link and what I've heard, I don't think we need to take the placement exam. Basically, the credit we receive for the AP score of 5 is for Chem 091, and can be converted to Chem 101 credit after the placement exam. However, I don't believe we need to get the Chem 101 credits if we are taking the honors version of it.</p>

<p>I emailed Ponzy last week and asked for permission into Chem 115, which the peer advisers mentioned, and I was already enrolled in the course prior to the end of Advance Registration.</p>

<p>You do not need to care about ANY science prerequisites really. If you want to take any science course (bio, phys, chem, or math department), even 500 level math courses, which a guy in my year did first semester, just email Ponzy for the okay and he will give it to you. No need to worry about any placement exams.</p>

<p>I will just say that you guys will have a somewhat shocking but fun time in Chem 22 and always remember that Ponzy is amazing and the man....</p>

<p>Tell us something about the scavenger hunt.</p>

<p>Or is this better left as a surprise?</p>

<p>Its a scavenger hunt as you would expect.....everyone is assigned into teams of 4 and the assignment is due at the first time you guys meet. Just remember to be meticulous on it because as you will see sooner or later, Ponzy is a stickler for small things...</p>

<p>Chem 240
Phys 170
Math 114</p>

<p>Do most people in vagelos mls do biochemistry instead of chemistry for their first major?</p>

<p>Hm I think its biochem. Some people do other crazy things like physics, biophysics, etc. Really, as long as you do a science (outside of pure bio), Ponzy will allow it.</p>

<p>And about the scavenger a 2013 Vaggie who was put through that ordeal, all I can say is have fun ^_^ If you take it too seriously, you'll just torture yourself. At the same, be sure to be detailed haha like the previous poster said. But it doesn't really matter all too much in the whole scope of things when you factor in the quizzes.</p>

<p>I'd say probably more do Biochem than Chem. Basically, Biochem is prob loads easier since the two majors are exactly the same except for that for biochem you take the biochem line instead of inorganic lab and advanced lab.</p>

<p>The labs in the Chem department that are above intro Chem are horrendous. Orgo lab is 9 hours a week, inorganic 9.5 hours, and advanced 10 hours. Thats not even counting the time you would spend outside of class on the lab reports either.</p>

<p>hey guys, so for those of you who are taking three honors and you care about your GPA, I would take caution. Honors is for those that want to major in that subject. Math 116 is theory/proofs, which is useless for anyone but a math major. Physics 170 is much harder than physics 150 because physics 150's hardest problems are physics 170's easiest problems. I've heard that physics 170 is like two courses in itself. Chem 115 definitely makes sense for everyone to be in because this is a biochem program. I think 3 honors might be unnecessary, especially for those of us who are premed. I think taking physics 170 makes more sense than taking math 116. All those proofs won't ever come in handy for a science major.</p>

<p>Thanks for the advice, Earthquake. I'll try to switch into Math 114 when the schedules come out. The debate over which math class to choose was actually one I changed my mind over several times. Quick question though. Should I go by the professors listed on Penn InTouch for each class, or by the list of sections and professors listed on the math department website?</p>


<p>Just stick to what is on PennInTouch.....what are you referring to when you are saying the ones on the math department?</p>

<p>I found this page on the math department website.
MATH</a> 114 Classes This Semester
It has a list of each class and who teaches it. I've heard good things about Rimmer and would want to try to get into the section that he is teaching.</p>

<p>Rimmer is awesome. He subbed for my Math 104 class a couple of times and he was always engaging and helpful.</p>

<p>It's sad that Rappe isn't teaching honors chem this semester. I've heard horror stories about Blasie...</p>

<p>Will we have to take the BCHE 404 class (biochem research) like all the biochemistry majors at some point, or is that covered by the summer research? On the vagelos website it doesn't mention bche 404, but it says it on the biochem site.</p>

<p>I'm pretty sure you do research for credit during summers and senior school year. If you go to the Vagelos website, it should be under 'curriculum' and senior year.</p>

<p>Actually, I think everyone has to take BCHE 404 regardless.....isn't that the senior class that is somewhat akin to Chem 022 but with some non-Vagelos people too?</p>

<p>Yeah, you guys are right about the research; I just missed it on their website.</p>