Valedictorian vs. Solid Transcript

<p>At the beginning of this year, I was originally enrolled in AP Psychology. However, I wanted to try being a writer for our school newspaper which is a class. I switched out of AP Psych and into newspaper but decided to take AP Psych online through JHU CTYOnline. I wanted to take AP Psych because the previous year in english, we learned about some of the experiments and I found the topic interesting. I am happy with the course because I was able to learn more about the experiments and theories. However, the class was incredibly easy and I received an A but due to the easiness, I was not prepared for the AP test and decided not to take it (I also was not thrilled it would be right after my Chem AP test). </p>

<p>My question now is should I report this class to my school so it will go on my transcript as a weighted A or leave it off? I do not need the credit and I think that taking an online AP class and then not taking the test will look bad. However, if I receive school credit for it, I will be tied for number 1 in my class of over 500, pending straight A's this semester. The only difference between me and the current number 1 will be that he has taken one more AP class than I have and this will bump his GPA above mine. Without AP Psych on my transcript, I would still be in the top 5-10. However, is there something to be said for being number 1?</p>

<p>If it matters, I will be applying to Stanford, MIT, and Yale and will major in the sciences. I took Calc BC (5) and Language/Composition (4) last year and this year I took Chem and APUSH. Next year I am set to take 5 more. My extracurricular activities are solid but not amazing. They show strong passion though.</p>

<p>Do you know that your school actually would figure this grade as A if you did report this course to them?</p>

<p>My kids' high school does grant credit for class work done outside school in certain circumstances, but it transfers in as credit, without carrying a grade or figuring into a student's GPA or class rank.</p>

<p>I talked to my counsellor before I enrolled in the course and she assured me I would get a grade to go with the credit. I know it's weird but I'll take it.</p>

<p>I think you earned the ranking so why not get credit for it. My son will not be recognized as co-salutatorian because the rankings are calculated after the second trimester and since he won't catch the other two until the last trimester (they took one more AP class as juniors and he took one more as a senior), he will be left out. In the end, it won't matter as neither of the top 3 were accepted to any Ivy league schools and my S was accepted to Yale off the waitlist. There also is another student at the school who will finish in the lower top 10 that was accepted to Stanford. I do believe the titles hold some merit but your EC's and passion in your essays will be more of a determining factor to admission.</p>

<p>At our local high school, tons of kids take AP courses but don't take the tests. The grade and the AP test score are completely separate (the AP scores don't come in until July, anyhow).</p>

<p>So take the grade, especially if it benefits your class rank. You won't be the only applicant with some fluff in your transcript. And at some schools, being ranked valedictorian or co-valedictorian makes you eligible for merit scholarships.</p>