Valedictorian with a B?

<p>Hey so I'm on track to be val but the senioritis is setting in. I've heard that 8th semester grades dont even matter and i was wondering if thats true. Will my class rank change if I end up with a B this semester?</p>

<p>At my school, finals are two days before graduation. The teachers would never be able to get final grades up (with long essays, multiple-part tests, etc) in time to process all that. I think in most schools, the Valedictorian business is based on 7-semesters.</p>

<p>Also, they need to announce that in advance so that the V can prepare his/her valediction, right?</p>

<p>Valedictorian here is 7 semesters also..awesome huh?</p>

<p>You should ask your guidance counselor to be sure. Random people on CC don't know how your school works.</p>

<p>Hehe good point lehcar :D</p>

<p>Ask your GC how many semesters Val is based upon, and check how far behind the #2 student is. If there's a comfortable margin, that B might be fine (:</p>

<p>well theres definitely no margin haha. theres 5 kids with the best GPA and like 10 right on our heels. but thanks, ill ask my counselor</p>

<p>Yes; this is definitely a school-specific question. If you are valedictorian, you shouldn't be slacking off. You are val! Maintain your overachieving-ness! (Don't worry, I am an overachieving val, too). ;)</p>

<p>^^ what the hell are you talking about? the fact that this person is a valedictorian tells us enough that if ANYBODY needs a break, it's him/her</p>

<p>If you want to slack off, then perhaps the person below you deserves it more than you do.</p>

<p>Finish strong.</p>


<p><em>underachieving sal ftw</em></p>

<p>haha ouch alpha, im not exactly the overachieving type, but I think I can suck it up for the last few months.</p>

<p>My school also determines Val after the 7th semester of high school, which ended on the beginning of February.</p>

<p>I unfortunately had this same issue and had to maintain all A's 2nd semester to keep val. It was VERY annoying lol.</p>

<p>I am so glad my kids' high school does not rank...</p>