<p>I would have posted this in HSL, but I just feel so...strange there.</p>

<p>So, question: where do most prep/public school valedictorians usually attend for college? I know that very often, they will attend HPY schools, but are there any exceptions? Or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, any who are accepted to practically every top school in the country/every school they apply to?</p>

<p>In my experience, I realize that many valedictorians are able to "cheat" by excelling in very easy courses, and of course, end up at a school like Cornell (not to say that Cornell isn't a great school, but it's not valedictorian material).</p>

I know that very often, they will attend HPY schools, but are there any exceptions?


<p>Of course. There are more Valedictorians than there are spots at HYP.</p>

<p>Haha, you got me there, I should have rephrased.
I meant notable exceptions (famous people), extenuating circumstances (they might be an athletic recruit to a state university, a legacy), or even another respectable school that valedictorians usually attend, like MIT.</p>

<p>The valedictorian of my school's senior class is attending University of Alabama. Then again, he gets high everyday, gets drunk every weekend, has sex just about every Friday night, and is the biggest jerk you'll ever meet in your life.
(He's also captain of the soccer team and SO FREAKING HOT.)</p>

<p>this year's val is going to washington university in st. louis but there are people below her going to ivies, u chicago, etc. next year's val (me!) will hopefully be attending MIT</p>

<p>Both of my school's Valedictorians will be attending Northwestern.</p>

<p>My school's valedictorian is going to Brown, and I have heard he is the nicest and coolest person ever. he is also perfect at everything he does haha</p>

<p>also, at my school it is impossible to "cheat by taking easy courses" since we rank by weighted GPA, not unweighted. actually, the system's pretty dumb since it discourages people who take all APs/honors from taking any regular classes at all, so a lot of people audit/take study halls in empty periods so their GPA won't drop</p>

<p>My school Val is trying to get into an IVY school. Last year, our Val got accepted to Uni of Virginia. I'm 8/376, but I plan on going to George Washington Uni (hopefully!!!)</p>

<p>alexa: Are you really going to be valedictorian next year? If so, that's really cool, but how would you possibly know that in advance? And do you attend a prep school right now?</p>

<p>I don't know what a prep school is, but if you mean like private or something then no. I go to a competitive but pretty standard public school. And my GPA is such that I would have to get 4 B's next year (I've never gotten any) and the next person would have to get straight A's to pass me. So, no it's not set in stone, but I'm pretty sure I will be val.</p>

<p>And on a different, but related, note: Let's talk about middle school valedictorians/middle school graduation speakers, since this is a bit more relevant to us.
I'd like to share my story.
At my school, I'm the only one attending a boarding school, and it is, in my opinion, the best high school of all my classmates, despite the fact that there are DEFINITELY more intelligent, and more hard-working kids than me there. (They just didn't want to apply to private schools.)
There are maybe 40 kids who will attend private day schools, but they aren't very good; the rest will attend public schools.
I was told that I am one of the top 5 students in a class of 150; however, the class speaker, albeit a very nice person, is attending a mediocre public school. He was chosen through student body votes, but I really, really, really wanted to present the speech. Sad life! :(</p>

<p>Anyone else have an interesting story to share?</p>

<p>at my (high)school they don't let the val speak because they think it makes people too competitive to try and earn the top spot and puts too much pressure on students. also, I've never even heard of speeches in middle school</p>

<p>Huh, that's interesting!
And middle school speeches are actually rather common. I myself presented the graduation speech in ELEMENTARY school. Yep, true story.</p>

<p>That's very strange. No one around here has middle school graduation at all.</p>

<p>bama, are you serious? I hadn't realized that at all! So, essentially, Alabama just celebrates high school and college grads?</p>

No one around here has middle school graduation at all.


<p>Yes, this is the case in my area.</p>

<p>at my middle school we had a "promotion" ceremony where they read everyone's names and gave out a few awards, but nothing major, and no one in our class gave a speech or anything</p>

<p>i spoke at my middle school graduation....haha</p>

<p>@gabiiwoz, do you go to PEA?</p>