<p>How many did your kid's high school have?
At</a> Some High Schools, Multiple Valedictorians -</p>

<p>Only one. The top kids are separated by small amounts (they carry the GPA out to 3 decimal places).</p>

<p>One val, and this year a 2-way a tie for Sal. Val and Sal are based on weighted GPA at our school, and this year was the first year I can remember a tie for Sal.</p>

<p>Many, not sure how they get there. The funny thing is, vals don't mean they're ranked #1 in the class because in order be a val you must earn all As. There are kids who take many APs, so they have higher GPA even if there is a B or two. On the other hand, if you avoid tought courses, you could become a val! I don't think it worth anything at our HS.</p>


<p>10 char</p>

<p>Both my teenagers' schools have just one Val and one Sal, each....based on weighted GPA. Graduating class size at D1's school is just under 200, and for S1's is about 320.</p>

<p>In the five years I've taught at my high school, we've had one valedictorian each year.</p>

<p>We had zero valedictorians. Yup, 0.</p>

<p>One val and one sal. They will go out up to 5 decimal places if need be. They will not do multiples</p>

<p>One IB Val and one non-IB (2 tied)... so 3 this year.</p>

<p>My school has multiples.</p>

<p>Two kids at my son's old school had 4.0s this year. There's no weighting, no accounting for course rigor in any way. The two were co-vals. In previous years, the administration had discussed using senior project grades as a tie-breaker if necessary. I guess they decided not to bother.</p>

<p>Three were tied. Our district does not use weighted average for class rank but the three that tied had identical records with one B over 4 years of the most difficult classes possible: honors in 9 and 10 and diploma candidates in 11 and 12.</p>

<p>One val and one sal with weighted GPA's. Class rigor is weighted on a 4.0, 5.0, or 6.0 scales. Plus grades are weighted with full credit given only to High A's (97 and above). The val and sal were separated only by .004 points.</p>

<p>One val. & one Sal., AP & accelerated courses are weighted by 11%. Just had graduation last night. They each make a speech. Nice recognition!</p>

<p>Zero, the school does not name a val or a sal, only senior scholars which is roughly the top 10%.</p>

<p>Usually one val & one sal. A few years ago there were 2 vals and 3 sals due to ties.</p>


<p>Zero -- school does not rank, but gives sashes to the top ~10 at graduation.</p>


<p>The criteria is valedictorians earn a 4.0 (uw) GPA and above, and salutatorians earn a 3.80 to 3.99 GPA.</p>