Valentines day - How did you meet your current SWMBO

<p>I am sure many of you have interesting stories to tell about how you meet your current significant other. So spit em out. Here's mine:</a> I met TWGW on MySpace when I was fairly new to the area and didn't know a ton of people. Part of me was looking for attractive females, but also ones that went to church and churches in the area. She fit both those criteria so I sent her a message and she invited me to her church. There was a lot of things that I was doing when we met that weren't a fit for her ideal man. So, we were friends for about 6 months before I asked her out. Both my own desire to change and my belief that my life needed a change, helped to put me in a place where I was more the type of man that she had prayed for. So, we went out and then 3 months later were engaged and 4 months later, married. Its been 4 1/2 years and I couldn't have made a better decision.</p>

<p>AWWW~~ !! That's a really adorable story! Love it :)</p>