Valentine's Day snowstorm....snowing ...again

Oh brother. Another northeast snow storm. In CT, we are “only” supposed to get 4-8 inches. But Boston and points north and east have blizzard condition warnings again. Southwest Airlines is already allowing rescheduling for folks booked between Saturday and noon on Monday.

My inlaws have a flight out of Portland ME about noonish on Monday…but need to drove from about 11/2 hours north of Portland. Think they will get there??

And its Presidents Day long weekend/break for some students too. Oh boy!

@Thumper, I look forward to the day you are starting a thread to tell us about the beautiful green grass and yellow daffodils blooming in your yard!!!

Me too, abasket!!

Oh thumper, how terrible. :frowning: I feel your pain! Sending you virtual hugs and cyberdaffodils.

You know…the snow is pretty! And clean white snow will glisten once the sun comes out.

I always buy daffodils at the grocery store the minute they are available. Those, and tulips are my favorite flowers.

Well…the western part of CT is downgraded to 3-6 inches…but the eastern part…6-10.

And Boston…another blizzard warning.

Nice time to stay home and make hot soup!

In Boston. Yep, another major snowstorm, 4 in a row. I saw someone post a funny road sign on FB that said, “Welcome to Massachusetts; Closed on Mondays!” LOL…truly this is the fourth weekend big one. Schools and work stop, as well as driving, & public transportation. I love snow. There just is nowhere to put it. The snowbanks on many streets are taller than the people. Many cars on my street are buried so deep that you can’t tell there are cars under the snow!

On the bright side, this storm is “only” calling for 10 to 14 inches which would be the least amount of the four storms in a row.

Next, the ice dam cometh!

A pox on you, madison!! We raked the snow off of the reachable portions of the roof…and have ice dam rubber nine feet up on our roof. I am not going to be happy if we get ice dams!!

Bless you for calling the snow pretty. In reality, to me, it is pretty for about one minute and then it becomes quickly very ugly when it’s grey, slushy, blocks of ice and brown (and yellow) from all sorts of things!!!

I certainly wish we could take some of that snow for you. If reservoir levels don’t improve we will be on every other week watering this summer.

If you are prayng for less snow, please visualize it as rain in the SW.

D1 is driving to our house tomorrow from Boston. She has a few appointments here mid next week. But she decided to leave tomorrow before she has to dig her car out yet another, fourth?, time. She said there is no where to shovel the snow!

She is coming home to a lot of snow. But I think she feels safer at home. She is between jobs right now and can do this. But last weeks snows in Boston did cause her to reschedule several job interviews.

I feel badly for the restaurants that were banking on a brisk night of Saturday Valentine’s dinners. They are bound to see many cancellations in New England.

@thumper1 - good luck to your in-laws! The Portland area is supposed to be hit hard with this latest storm but hopefully it will be all done by Monday.

Funny, D has gone from Boston to Syracuse this weekend to see the Syracuse/Duke game; who’d thunk someone would go from Boston to Syracuse to escape the snow?

Have a wedding in Braintree Ma to go to this afternoon with the reception at night. Fortunately we booked a hotel room.

We’re reacting to a 3-6" forecast as if they were forecasting a dusting of snow. It’s nothing compared to what we’ve been getting lately in central CT, but I’m still not happy about it.

Not expecting too much snow in Albany but the wind chills are going to be in the -35 to -50 range!

My kid is staying in Maine over his break.

Not expecting too much snow in NJ (we’ve definitely dodged multiple bullets compared to you New England folks), but the cold and wind are worrisome. Our old house does not deal with these well at all, and the gale force winds and possibly subzero temperatures are scary, and it looks bad for the next week.

A friend sent me a pic of Minneapolis last week…there wasn’t a drop of snow on the ground. Crazy weather.

We’ve been downgraded to 1-5 inches…from a winter storm warning to a winter weather advisory.