Valentine's day - who is celebrating?

<p>H is away on a business trip. I received an email from H today with a confirmation for flower delivery for Valentine's day. I was very pleased until I read it all the way down at the bottom that it was for D2. He then emailed me again to ask me if we should do something for D1. I said, "No, I think it is up to her BF at this point."</p>

<p>I really hope for H's sake that I am getting something for the V day. Of course, I haven't gotten him anything because he is travelling.</p>

<p>Happy V day to everyone.</p>

<p>He might be surprising you with something.</p>

<p>My husband is traveling too, and I seriously doubt he planned in advance for the holiday. I stuck a Valentine in his briefcase, but his small gift didn't arrive in time. It was scheduled to be delivered before Valentine's Dy, but now the tracking info. says it will arrive Feb. 16.</p>

<p>Yesterday I was on the phone and our accountant buzzed me. "There are flowers for you." Yes -- a beautiful bouquet with a nice card: "From H and the kids."</p>

<p>Now I just have to figure out who H is...

<p>I think we're going to go to this great french cafe for lunch. He had a rough night, but seemed to rally. Son is home in bed sick right now.</p>

<p>My daughter is anxiously awaiting to see if a new interest does anything today. They are in the very early stages of does he/she like me like me or just like me as a friend.</p>

<p>D2's high school make a big deal of it. They send roses and chocolate. D2 is certain no one is going to send her anything because no one(guys) likes her.</p>

<p>I actually told H few years back to stop sending me roses on Valentine's day because they were so expensive, now I wish I didn't say anything.</p>

<p>DH brought me roses on Sunday, and we exchanged cards this morning. I have my women's investment group meeting tonight. DH commented that if his mens investment group scheduled to meet on Valentines Day they'd never hear the end of it from their wives. He is probably right.</p>

<p>This must be the Valentine's Day for traveling husbands. Mine is away also. He left at the crack of dawn this morning. BUT he left me two cards (one from from cat) and a box of Godiva. He's out of the doghouse.</p>

<p>I better NOT find out he sent DD something better!!!</p>

<p>Besides wearing something red to work, H & I do not celebrate Valentine's Day, as we met in late February a long time ago.</p>

<p>H brought me flowers last night and tonight we'll do our usual chocolate fondue with the younger kids - I just have to go dig out the fondue pot.</p>

<p>As we were crunching our way through our bowls of Khashi this a.m. DH asked if I'd like to go out to dinner tonight. Whoohoo! He's not one for celebrations or making a big deal of anything so I said "yes" before he could change his mind. He told me to be thinking about where I'd like to go..hmmm. </p>

<p>Today is also S1's birthday so for the past 25 years, Feb. 14 had been more about a birthday celebration than Valentine's's never bothered me..always thought it was kind of nice that we had a child born on the day that also celebrates our love for each other. DH gave me a necklace with a small heart and tiny diamonds when S1 was born 25 years ago today. I'll have to remember to wear it tonight when we go out for dinner.</p>

<p>I'm a big fan of treating someone special every day and not just on one assigned day of the year so I don't typically celebrate. That being said, bf told me he got me something this year so I got him something too. I thought it was cute at the time but i'm second guessing myself.. I built him an animal at build a bear. Except I built a penguin and now i'm wishing I had picked a cat. He also asked where I wanted to go for dinner. I didn't really want to go out.. but were going to a place near work. We typically go out for dinner monday or Tuesday and since we didn't go yesterday that leaves today.</p>

<p>I'm not a fan of Valentine's day. I told DH not to get me anything. I'll get him a card and those chocolate millionaires that he loves, but we'll probably forgo the fancy dinner.</p>

<p>Dh left chocolates for me in various places this morning. I'll make chocolate-covered strawberries for him and ds2, who made me a joke valentine featuring singer Chris Brown, who he knows I can't stand. Silly!</p>

<p>DS is playing Cupid at school. I came into the kitchen this morning to find a quivver (Pringle's can) of arrows with hearts on the ends and an improvised bow. Funny kid, that boy. He also dug out a Depends pant to wear (over his clothes I hope).</p>

<p>Can't wait until he gets home. I hope I don't hear from the school first.</p>

<p>I expect flowers. ;)</p>

<p>DH tried to make dinner reservations at the country club, only to find out that it is closed. What a dumb business move.</p>

<p>I sent my closest g/fs Val cards. I'm not a fan of roses on V-day; I think they are overpriced. I also don't want to be tempted with chocolates. My s/o works late tonight, and I have a meeting. Still, I feel perfectly content. I guess I'm getting old. (and I do feel like s/o and g/fs treat me well all the time. Just had a b/d, and was treated to several dinners and a play.)</p>

<p>Since this is DS's first V-day with a g/f, I sent him suggestions for gifts. He said they decided to cook a special meal together. What could be better than that?</p>

<p>Class of 2015, please explain what you mean about figuring out who H is? Were the flowers for someone else?</p>


DH gave me a necklace with a small heart and tiny diamonds when S1 was born 25 years ago today. I'll have to remember to wear it tonight when we go out for dinner.


That is very sweet.</p>

<p>We don't do anything for D. That has been her "boyfriend du jour's" job since HS. H and I indulge each other with our favorite chocolate. I buy him my favorite and he buys me his favorite. Somehow it all works out!</p>

<p>My husband bought me a bouquet of blush tulips and a box of chocolate. I'm a sucker for things like that, so I'm very excited. I made his favorite dinner, goulash over egg noodles, last night so he can have the leftovers tonight. My son and I (he is 13 and the squishiest, squeeziest, cuddliest guy) are making chocolate mousse in chocolate cups tonight.</p>

<p>Didn't do anything for the girls, but this is the first time in 5 years that neither is in a serious relationship.</p>

<p>DH is also out of town. I've been joking that my kiss will come from the dog and will keep my mouth firmly closed! We don't do anything for our young adult kids. DS is taking his GF to dinner and probably spending more than he should. I did send DD a card but that's it. I'm sure DH will call me at some point today as we work together but will forget it is VD unless I remind him. I honestly don't really care though. We aren't big holiday celebrators.</p>