Valparaiso University?

<p>Interesting name, Valparaiso has. I wonder where it's from.</p>

<p>Valparaiso is located in Valparaiso, Indiana and is affiliated with the Lutheran church.</p>

<p>They have often been recognized in USNEWS as one of the midwest's best comprehensive colleges. Their colors are brown and gold, and their team is the Crusaders.</p>

<p>no one is interested in valpariaso</p>


<p>la de da doom dee..,.. is anyone here?</p>

<p>hello? anyone?</p>

<p>poor 'ol valparaiso.. does anyone go here?</p>

<p>i hear the area it's in is very pretty. i don't know tho bc ive never been to indiana.</p>

<p>I've known people over the years who've gone sounds alot like Villanova or Lehigh.....except in Indiana.......not too large, frats, not far from Chicago.....I think it has a pretty good reputation......check the college guidebooks for more info</p>

<p>My ds is very interested in the music composition program at Valpo. </p>

<p>We visited there and thought it seemed like a good school. </p>

<p>Brand new library. New doppler radar unit for the meteorology dept. Nice performing arts center. Huge Lutheran chapel at the center of the campus, but no required chapel attendance for students. Frosh dorms not so wonderful, but upperclassmen seem to have nicer choices.</p>

<p>Classes are supposed to be smaller, profs are said to be "accessible." There is an honors college and a freshman seminar program.</p>

<p>Once upon a time, I lived in Valparaiso, and the school seemed both lovely and well respected. I really loved the town of Valpo, super nice people, quite close to Chicago if you crave big city doings once in a while. A student from my son's school (in TN) recently went there and likes it a lot.<br>
What a HUGE basketball town it is!
Calidan, how did you get interested? Have you applied?</p>

<p>It's funny...I was accepted to Penn, Georgetown and Tulane, but was rejected by Valparaiso...(true story - you can't make this up!)</p>

<p>ThomasH: How did you come to apply to Valparaiso? We've found that most folks out of the area and non-Lutherans have never heard of it. </p>

<p>In our case, we did a search on Tuition Exchange for schools that offered B. Mus. in composition, and it was on the list. </p>

<p>Congratulations on your excellent acceptances! Which one did you pick?</p>

<p>Lhasa...I have family in Indiana, so I had applied there in case I wanted to live near family. However, Val was the first school I applied to and I wasn't sure how good of a school I was able to get into. Apparently, I short-changed myself a bit.
I haven't decided where to go, yet. I am still waiting for Brown and Yale.</p>

<p>S has accepted the offer from Valparaiso and is looking forward to the fall.</p>